Deleting Junk Functions

You can now clean up junk functions from your Zoho CRM. You can choose to delete:

  • Functions that use deprecated V1 APIs.
  • Functions that are no longer in use.

You can delete them individually or in bulk.

To delete functions,

  1. Go to Setup > Developer Space > Functions
    Functions in Setup menu
  2. Click Clean Up Functions.
    Clean up Functions Option
    All the unassociated functions and the functions that are not enabled as REST API will be displayed. You can choose the functions that you want to delete and click Delete.
    You can delete up to 50 functions in one go.
    Delete Functions Option
    To choose from the deprecated functions, choose the Deprecated option from the drop-down.
    Deprecated Functions Filter
  3. Click Delete
    Alert Pop up
  4. You will get a success message once the function has been deleted.
    Success Message


Once you click delete, the functions will be deleted permanently; you cannot restore them.