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Developer Edition - Zoho CRM

The Developer Edition of Zoho CRM is the ideal training ground for developers to play around with the CRM account and test robust CRM implementations, Zoho CRM-centric mobile and web apps, white-labelled Vertical CRMs and CRM extensions. Let's take the case of an organization that implements Zoho CRM for the first time. Not to mention the users, even developers need to use the product for a while to get the hang of it. For someone who's new to Zoho CRM, the new Developer Edition would fit the bill perfectly.

The Developer edition is totally free and an added bonus is that it allows for a single Zoho account to have two CRMs, a normal one and a developer one. That way, you can get the Developer Edition for your production account or for any of your user's account. Hence, developers, who are new to CRM can design, build, implement, test, and maintain better software solutions after getting to know what Zoho CRM has to offer.

Where to access it?

  1. Go to the Zoho Developers website to access the developer edition of Zoho CRM.

  • Changes made in the Developer edition cannot be pushed to your production account directly. The Developer Edition is more similar to a trial version of the CRM, but there's no expiry for it.

  • The Developer Edition is only for testing purposes and cannot be used as a regular CRM.


  • You can have a Developer Edition in parallel with a regular CRM. In essence, two accounts for the same user.

  • The changes made in the Developer edition will not affect the data in the regular CRM in any way.

  • Perfect CRM for amateurs to understand the features of Zoho CRM better and come up with better solutions.

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