What's New in V5?

New APIs


Every record goes through a lot of updates. Every detail about each update is stored in the timeline of that record. The Timeline API allows you to get the details of every update made to a record right from field updates to triggering workflows.

Use the Get timeline of a record API to get the details of all the updates that were made to the record.

Mail Merge

Mail merge functions allow you to simplify repetitive tasks like sending business letters, documents for signing and approval, forms etc to multiple people while still making them personalized for each receiver. The mail merge templates help you capture required information from different fields in a module or CRM variables, dynamically, and use them in these documents while sending emails.

  • Use the Send Mail Merge API to send emails to users with information from a mail merge template.

  • The Sign Mail Merge API lets you send the documents for signing and approval with information from a mail merge template.

  • The Download Mail Merge API lets you download the merged documents created using your mail merge template

Transfer records and delete user

CRM users own many records in their orgs. While you can simply delete a user, it does not change the ownership of the records at various places. With the "transfer records and delete users" API, before deleting a user, you can change the ownership of the records, change the owner at places where the old user is associated at like workflows, approvals and review processes etc, change the owner's details in various criteria for custom views, automation etc. This helps avoid breakages in your business process.

When you transfer the ownership and delete a record, a job is scheduled in the background. Use the Get Status API to get the status of the transfer and delete job.

User Groups

You can create different types of groups (set of users) to manage a set of common records. Users associated with a particular group can access the records shared to a particular group and perform the necessary operations on the records. Use the below APIs in this version to:


With these APIs introduced for territory management, you can:

Fiscal year

The fiscal year setting helps organizations to configure their fiscal cycle based on the selected start month or end month. The following APIs help you to:

The following APIs have updates. Refer to the Change log for more details and the differences between the versions 4 and 5.