Zoho CRM APIs use selected scopes, which control the type of resource that the client application can access. Tokens are usually created with various scopes to ensure improved security. For example, you can generate a scope to create or view a lead, or to view metadata and so on.
Scopes contain three parameters — service name, scope name, and operation type. The format to define a scope is scope=service_name.scope_name.operation_type


Here, ZohoCRM is the service API name, modules is the scope name, and ALL is the operation type.

Available Scopes
  • users

    Associated Methods: users.ALL

  • org

    Associated Methods: org.ALL

  • settings

    Associated Methods: settings.ALL, settings.territories, settings.custom_views, settings.related_lists, settings.modules, settings.variables, settings.tags, settings.tab_groups, settings.fields, settings.layouts, settings.macros, settings.custom_links, settings.custom_buttons, settings.roles, settings.profiles, and settings.currencies

  • modules

    Associated Methods: modules.ALL, modules.approvals, modules.leads, modules.accounts, modules.contacts,, modules.campaigns, modules.tasks, modules.cases,, modules.calls,, modules.products, modules.vendors, modules.pricebooks, modules.quotes, modules.salesorders, modules.purchaseorders, modules.invoices, modules.custom, modules.dashboards, modules.notes, modules.activities,,, modules.appointments, modules.appointments_rescheduled_history

  • bulk

    Associated Methods: bulk.ALL, bulk.READ, bulk.CREATE

  • notifications

    Associated Methods: notifications.READ, notifications.CREATE, notifications.UPDATE, notifications.DELETE

  • coql

    Associated Methods: coql.READ

Group Scopes

Group scope provide complete access to all functions the user can perform on the record. For instance, a group scope can allow a user to read, create, update, and delete records in all modules.


In the above example, the user has access to all modules in the client ZohoCRM account.

Other examples are

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.READ(Read-only permission)

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.CREATE

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.UPDATE

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.DELETE

Separate Scopes

Separate scopes are used to provide access to data in a particular module without access to other modules.,,ZohoCRM.settings.ALL&client_id={client_id}&response_type=code&access_type={"offline"or"online"}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}

The above scope gives the user access to only the leads and deals modules from the client Zoho CRM account.

Additionally, you can set specific permissions, like read, create, update or delete, for each module. For examples:

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.leads.READ(Read-only permission)

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.leads.CREATE

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.leads.UPDATE

  • scope=ZohoCRM.modules.leads.DELETE