Share Records


To share a record with other users, groups, and roles in the organization.

Request Details

Request URL


Supported modules

Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, Campaigns, Cases, Solutions, Products, Vendors, Price Books, Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Custom.


Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken d92d4xxxxxxxxxxxxx15f52



Possible module names

leads, accounts, contacts, deals, campaigns, cases, solutions, products, vendors, pricebooks, quotes, salesorders, purchaseorders, invoices, and custom.

Possible operation types

ALL - Full access to the record
CREATE - Share records with other users in the organization

  • The records can be shared to other users in the organization only if certain conditions are met. For simplicity, let us assume that User A shares a record with User B. Now, user A can share the record successfully only if:

    • User B is a confirmed and active user.

    • User B does not have access to that particular record.

    • User B has access to that particular module. For instance, to share a contact, user B must have access to the Contacts module.

  • You cannot share the records in Activities module and Linking module directly. They can be shared as related lists.

  • The users who have profiles with share permission can share any records that they have access to, except the records that are shared to them. To check the same, go to Setup> Users and Control> Security Control> Choose the profile> Tool Permissions. Check if 'share' is enabled. It is enabled by default for Standard and Administrator Profiles.

  • The details of the records that form many to many relationships (with multi-select lookup) cannot be shared.

  • A record can be shared only with 10 users.

  • Once the record gets shared successfully, the user who initiated the share operation will get notified via email.

  • The user can update the shared records using the PUT method. To know more, refer to Update Records.

Sample Request

Copiedcurl ""
-H "Authorization: Zoho-oauthtoken 1000.8cb99dxxxxxxxxxxxxx9be93.9b8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf"
-d "@input.json"
Copieduser1 = Map();
user1.put("user", {"id":"3652397000001970045"});
user1.put("share_related_records", true);
user1.put("permission", "full_access");

user2 = Map();
user2.put("user", {"id":"4150868000001199001"});
user2.put("share_related_records", true);
user2.put("permission", "read_only");

usersList = List();

params = Map();
params.put("share", usersList);

response = invokeurl
	url :""
	type :POST
	parameters: params.toString()
info response;

In the request, "@input.json" contains the sample input data.

Request JSON

  • shareJSON array, mandatory

    Each JSON object represents the set of users, roles, or groups with whom you want to share the record.

share Properties

  • shared_withJSON object, mandatory
    • type(string, mandatory) - Represents whether you want to share the record with users, groups, or roles. The possible values are users, groups, and roles.

    • id(string, mandatory) - The ID of the user, group, or role you want to share the record with.

  • share_related_recordsboolean, optional

    Represents if you want to share the related records also with the user.
    Possible values:
    true - Share related records along with the record.
    false - Do not share related records. This is the default value.

  • permissionstring, optional

    Represents the access permission you want to give the user for that record.
    Possible values:
    full_access- Allow the user full access to the record. This is the default value.
    read_only - Allow the user to only view the record.
    read_write - Allow the user to view and edit the record.

  • typestring, mandatory

    Represents if the record is shared publicly(to all the users in the org) or privately(to a specific user in the org). The possible values are public and private. Note that you cannot share a record publicly to a specific user.

Sample Input

    "share": [
            "share_related_records": true,
            "permission": "read_only",
             "shared_with": {
                   "id": "3652397000000281001",
                   "type" : "users"
    "notify": true

Possible Errors


    invalid oauth scope to access this URL
    Resolution: The client does not have the scope to ZohoCRM.share.{module_name}.CREATE
    The module name given in the URL is either Events, Calls, Tasks or any Linking module.
    The module name given in the URL is invalid.


    Please check if the URL trying to access is a correct one.
    Resolution: The URL given has syntactical errors.


    Resolution: The record ID given in the URL is either invalid
    does not belong to the module mentioned.


    Permission is invalid
    Resolution: The value given in permission is not one of: full_access, read_only, or read_write.
    The user does not have permission to access that particular module.


    record is already visible to the user.
    Resolution: The record is already accessible to the user. You can share the record only if the user cannot access it.


    Cannot share a record to more than 10 users.
    Resolution: The record you are trying to share has already been shared with 10 users.


    Permission denied to share records
    Resolution: The user does not have permission to share a record with other users in the organization. Contact your system administrator.


    Internal Server Error
    Resolution: Unexpected and unhandled exception in Server. Contact support team.


    The http request method type is not a valid one
    Resolution: You have specified an invalid HTTP method to access the API URL. Specify a valid request method. Refer to endpoints section above.


    User does not have sufficient privilege to share records
    Resolution: The user does not have the permission to share a record with other users in the organization. Contact your system administrator.


    The module name given seems to be invalid
    Resolution: You have specified an invalid module name or there is no tab permission, or the module could have been removed from the available modules. Specify a valid module API name.


    The given module is not supported in API
    Resolution: The modules such as Documents and Projects are not supported in the current API. (This error will not be shown, once these modules are been supported). Specify a valid module API name.


    cannot share to the user
    Resolution: The record you are trying to share is already visible to the user.


    Either the value for "permission" or the "type" key is incorrect.
    Resolution: The "json_path" key in the response gives the details of the incorrect keys. Pass valid values for these keys.


    For public sharing, more than one json object is given
    Resolution: When you share a record and make it public, you must include only one JSON object in the input with the keys "type", "permission", and "share_related_records". You cannot make a record publicly available and share it to specific users.


    Feeds is not enabled for this org
    Resolution: You cannot notify the users when you have removed "Feeds" from "Organize Modules". Add "Feeds" to "Organize Modules" to notify users when you share a record.

Sample Response

    "share": [
            "code": "SUCCESS",
            "details": {},
            "message": "record will be shared successfully",
            "status": "success"