Refresh Access Token

Access tokens expire after an hour of generation. To generate a new access token, use the refresh token you generated earlier.


You must use your domain-specific Zoho Accounts URL to refresh your access token.

  • For US:

  • For AU:

  • For EU:

  • For IN:

  • For CN:

  • For JP:

  • Make a POST request with the following URL:

  • If the request is successful, you will receive the following output:

        "access_token": "{new_access_token}",
        "expires_in": 3600,
        "api_domain": "",
        "token_type": "Bearer"
  • We have provided with a sample test OAuth in all the examples, so that you can test any example on your own. You can replace the sample OAuth Token with your actual token to test requests from your CRM account.

  • For applications with multiple organizations, the refresh tokens generated for one organization in an environment cannot be used for another organization. For instance, you cannot use the refresh token generated for an organization in the Production environment to generate access tokens for the organizations in the sandbox or developer accounts.

  • For information about the validity of the tokens, refer to the Token Validity page.