Query API - Limitations

  • You can fetch a maximum of 200 records using this API.

  • You can use only Select Query in COQL to get records from a module.

  • You can use a maximum of two relations(joins) in a select query to get the records from a module.

  • If you use more than two relations in a select query, system validates only the last two relations.

  • User must have the scopes required to access the base module.

  • Only the following comparators(highlighted in bold) are supported in COQL:

    • = (equal)

    • > (greater than)

    • < (less than)

    • >= (greater_equal)

    • <= (less_equal)

    • is null

    • is not null

    • between and

    • in (up to 50 values)

    • not in (up to 50 values)

    • like (used only for starts_with, ends_with, and contains)

    • not like(used for not_contains)

  • The criteria specified in the WHERE clause must be enclosed within brackets properly to avoid ambiguity. If WHERE has more than two criteria such as A, B, and C, use them as (A and (B and C)) or ((A and B) and C).

  • You cannot use multi-line fields such as "Description", "Terms and Conditions", "Comments" etc., in criteria.

  • You can include a maximum of 25 criteria in the WHERE clause.

  • You can use a maximum of 50 columns i.e, 50 field_API_names in the select column of the query. Example: Select First_Name, Last_Name, Full_Name...upto 50 field_API_names.

The following are not supported in COQL:

  • Territory fields

  • Multi-Select lookup fields

  • Line items(Pricing_Details and Product_Details) in Price Books and Quotes modules

  • Participants field in Events module

  • File Upload fields

  • Attachments


You can query subform fields from the corresponding subform module. You cannot query subform fields in the parent module.