What's New in V2.1?

New APIs

The following are the new APIs released in version 2.1 of Zoho CRM APIs.

  1. Pipeline

    We all know how important a sales pipeline is to stage each deal to have a winning chance.
    You can now create a pipeline in a layout, update and get the details of your existing pipelines.
    You can map the stages of your old pipeline to a new one, and transfer all the associated deals before you delete the pipeline.

  2. Assignment Rules

    The lead assignment process defines rules based on which leads are assigned to a set of reps. You can configure different criteria based on your industry's specifications like territory, product interest, lead source etc., such that only the leads that satisfy the criteria will be automatically assigned to the selected rep. With V2.1 APIs, you can fetch the assignment rules configured in your org.

  3. Send Mail

    Send emails to other records from your organization's email address.
    Fetch the list of allowed email IDs you can send mails from.

  4. Download Fields' Attachments in a Module

    Use this API to download all the attachments from file upload and image upload fields in a module.

  5. Records' Count in a Module

    Get the total number of records in a module through this API. You can also use filters with a bunch of conditions to get the count of records that match the criteria.

  6. Wizards

    Wizards are a series of forms that help consolidate customizations like layouts, layout rules, and validation rules within a single wizard to eliminate silos. Through this API, you can fetch the details of different wizards in a layout.

  7. Templates

    • Email Templates

      You can use email templates to send Mass Emails to leads/contacts or send email notifications to the Zoho CRM users upon triggering a workflow rule. This API fetches you the email templates present in a module.

    • Inventory Templates

      Inventory templates allow you to customize the Quote, Purchase Order, Sales Order and Invoice print layout as per your business requirements. This API fetches you the inventory templates you have in a module.

  8. Territories

  9. Meeting Cancel API

    You can now cancel a scheduled meeting and send a meeting cancellation mail to the invited participants via the Meeting Cancel API.

Updates to the Existing APIs

The following APIs have updates. Refer to the Change log for more details and the difference between the versions 2 and 2.1.