The Version 1.0 Zoho CRM APIs were deprecated on Dec 31, 2018, and will reach their end-of-life(EOL) on Jan 31, 2020, for the Professional and above editions. The EOL for the Free and Standard/Starter editions is Jan 15, 2020. We strongly recommend you migrate to the new and improved API 2.0.

Zoho CRM API V1 Help

We provide a comprehensive suite of developer resources and web services and help you build applications and manage your CRM Account and the associated CRM data using Zoho CRM REST API. Access the Zoho Developer Console to develop new extensions and build Vertical CRM Solutions for Zoho.


Zoho CRM APIs support multiple data centre deployments to make management and distribution of the service across different geographical regions possible. Learn More.

API Methods

Methods are used to perform specific actions on a record. It can be to fetch, add, update, delete a record, etc. Learn More.

API Limits

APIs are available for all editions of Zoho CRM. However, the total number of API calls for each edition is different. Learn More.

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