insertRecords Method - Comparison


To create/insert specific or multiple records.

Request URL

Version 1.0: XML Data

Version 2.0:


Method: POST

Request body: The content of a record given in JSON format.

Header: Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken {oauth_token}

Request Parameters

Version 1.0Version 2.0
authtoken=****Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken ***** - as a Header.
xmlDataN/A - Input data has to be given in request body
The above key has to be given within request body
duplicateCheckDuplicate check is carried out be default.
The above key has to be given within request body

Sample API Request:

Request in Version 1.0Request in Version 2.0****&wfTrigger=true&xmlData=<Leads><row no="1"><FL val="Last Name">test1</FL><FL val="Company">com1</FL></row></Leads>URL -
    "data": [

Sample Responses:

Response in Version 1.0Response in Version 2.0
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<response uri="/crm/private/xml/Leads/insertRecords">
<message>Record(s) added successfully</message>
<FL val="Id">1386586000002579001</FL>
<FL val="Created Time">2018-03-2719:21:54</FL>
<FL val="Modified Time">2018-03-2719:21:54</FL>
<FL val="Created By"><![CDATA[Bruce Wills]]></FL>
<FL val="Modified By"><![CDATA[Bruce Wills]]></FL>
  "data": [
    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "details": {
     "Modified_Time": "2018-03-27T19:20:28+05:30",
     "Modified_By": {
      "name": "Bruce Wills",
      "id": "1386586000000078001"
     "Created_Time": "2018-03-27T19:20:28+05:30",
     "id": "1386586000002572002",
     "Created_By": {
      "name": "Bruce Wills",
      "id": "1386586000000078001"
    "display_name": "Deb",
    "type": "recycle",
    "Created_By": {
     "name": "Bruce Wills",
     "id": "1386586000000078001"
    "message": "record added",
    "status": "success",
   }   ]  }


The field, "id" in v1.0 APIs is equivalent to "id" in the first JSON object of the "data" JSON array.

Input format changes for Activities module:

Version 1.0Version 2.0
<Events><row no="1">
<FL val="Subject">Title3</FL>
<FL val="Start DateTime">2018-04-1111:00:00</FL>
<FL val="End DateTime">2018-04-1112:00:00</FL>
<FL val="CONTACTID">1386586000002379006</FL>
<FL val="SEID">1386586000001570009</FL>
<FL val="SEMODULE">Accounts</FL>
  "data": [
    "Who_Id": "1386586000002379006",
    "$se_module": "Accounts",
    "What_Id": "1386586000001570009"


  • CONTACTID is equivalent to id in Who_Id JSONObject.
  • SEMODULE is equivalent to $se_module.
  • SEID is equivalent to id in What_Id JSONObject.

Input format changes for Inventory module:

Version 1.0Version 2.0
<Invoices><row no="1">
<FL val="Subject">test inv2</FL>
<FL val="ACCOUNTID">1386586000002307022</FL>
<FL val="Tax">1.23</FL>
<FL val="Adjustment">5</FL>
<FL val="Grand Total">305</FL>
<FL val="Product Details">
<product no="1">
<FL val="Product Id">1386586000000097001</FL>
<FL val="Unit Price">10.0</FL>
<FL val="Quantity">3.0</FL>
<FL val="Total">300.0</FL>
<FL val="Discount">1.23</FL>
<FL val="Total After Discount">288.77</FL>
<FL val="List Price">100.0</FL>
<FL val="Net Total">288.77</FL>
  "data": [
    "Adjustment": 5,
      "product": {
       "id": "1386586000000097001"
      "quantity": 3,
      "list_price": 100,
      "unit_price": 22,
      "line_tax": [{"percentage": 2,"name": "Sales Tax"},{"percentage": 3,"name": "Vat"}]
    "Subject": "test inv4",
    "$line_tax": [{"percentage": 1,"name":
    "Sales Tax"},{"percentage": 0.5,"name": "Vat"}]

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