getRecordbyID Method - Comparison


To get the details of a specific record.

Request URL

Version 1.0:

Version 2.0:


Method: GET

Header: Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken {oauth_token}

Request Parameters

Version 1.0Version 2.0
authtoken=****Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken ***** - as a Header.
idid is given within the request URL. For ex:


  • Each row() in v1 API is equivalent to each JSONObject in v2 API response

Sample Responses:

Response in Version 1.0Response in Version 2.0
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<response uri="/crm/private/xml/Leads/getRecordById">
<row no="1">
<FL val="LEADID">1386586000002572002</FL>
<FL val="SMOWNERID">1386586000000078001</FL>
<FL val="Lead Owner"><![CDATA[Bruce Wills]]></FL>
<FL val="Last Name"><![CDATA[email check1]]></FL>
<FL val="Annual Revenue"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="SMCREATORID">1386586000000078001</FL>
<FL val="Created By"><![CDATA[Bruce Wills]]></FL>
<FL val="MODIFIEDBY">1386586000000078001</FL>
<FL val="Modified By"><![CDATA[Bruce Wills]]></FL>
<FL val="Created Time"><![CDATA[2018-03-26 12:46:11]]></FL>
<FL val="Modified Time"><![CDATA[2018-03-27 10:24:19]]></FL>
<FL val="Full Name"><![CDATA[email check1]]></FL>
<FL val="Email Opt Out"><![CDATA[false]]></FL>
<FL val="Currency"><![CDATA[INR]]></FL>
<FL val="Exchange Rate"><![CDATA[1.000000000]]></FL>
<FL val="Last Activity Time"><![CDATA[2018-03-27 10:24:19]]></FL>
<FL val="Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Positive Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Negative Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Checkbox 1"><![CDATA[false]]></FL>
<FL val="Auto-Number 1"><![CDATA[LEAD49N]]></FL>
<FL val="Formula 1"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Positive Touch Point Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Touch Point Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Negative Touch Point Score"><![CDATA[0]]></FL>
<FL val="Tag"><![CDATA[tag1,tag2,tag3]]></FL>
  "data": [
    "Owner": {
     "name": "Bruce Wills",
     "id": "1386586000000078001"
    "Company": null,
    "Email": null,
    "$currency_symbol": "₹",
    "Single_Line_2": null,
    "Visitor_Score": null,
    "Total_Quantity": null,
    "Last_Activity_Time": "2018-03-27T10:24:19+05:30",
    "Industry": null,
    "$converted": false,
    "$process_flow": false,
    "URL_1": null,
    "Exchange_Rate": 1,
    "Date_1": null,
    "Currency": "INR",
    "Street": null,
    "Zip_Code": null,
    "id": "1386586000002572002",
    "$approved": true,
    "Grand_Total": null,
    "$approval": {
     "delegate": false,
     "approve": false,
     "reject": false,
     "resubmit": false
    "Days_Visited": null,
    "First_Visited_URL": null,
    "Negative_Touch_Point_Score": 0,
    "Created_Time": "2018-03-26T12:46:11+05:30",
    "$followed": false,
    "$editable": true,
    "City": null,
    "No_of_Employees": null,
    "Positive_Touch_Point_Score": 0,
    "Number_1": null,
    "Score": 0,
    "Negative_Score": 0,
    "State": null,
    "Email_1": null,
    "Country": null,
    "Phone_1": null,
    "Last_Visited_Time": null,
    "Multi_Select_1": [],
    "Created_By": {
     "name": "Bruce Wills",
     "id": "1386586000000078001"
    "Annual_Revenue": 0,
    "Secondary_Email": null,
    "Checkbox_1": false,
    "Currency_1": null,
    "Touch_Point_Score": 0,
    "Positive_Score": 0,
    "Description": null,
    "Decimal_1": null,
    "Multi_Line_1": null,
    "Number_Of_Chats": null,
    "Average_Time_Spent_Minutes": null,
    "Salutation": null,
    "First_Name": null,
    "Full_Name": "email check1",
    "Lead_Status": null,
    "Modified_By": {
     "name": "Bruce Wills",
     "id": "1386586000000078001"
    "Email_Opt_Out": false,
    "Designation": null,
    "Modified_Time": "2018-03-27T10:24:19+05:30",
    "$converted_detail": {},
    "Mobile": null,
    "First_Visited_Time": null,
    "Last_Name": "email check1",
    "Layout": {
     "name": "Standard",
     "id": "1386586000000343003"
    "Auto_Number_1": "LEAD49N",
    "Referrer": null,
    "Lead_Source": null,
    "Formula_1": 0,
    "Tag": [
      "name": "tag1",
      "id": "1386586000002075001"
      "name": "tag2",
      "id": "1386586000002573001"
      "name": "tag3",
      "id": "1386586000002573002"

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