Error Messages

The Version 1.0 Zoho CRM APIs were deprecated on Dec 31, 2018, and will reach their end-of-life(EOL) on Jan 31, 2020, for the Professional and above editions. The EOL for the Free and Standard/Starter editions is Jan 15, 2020. We strongly recommend you migrate to the new and improved API 2.0.

Error Messages

Error Code Description
4000Please use Authtoken, instead of API ticket and APIkey.
4500Internal server error while processing this request
4501API Key is inactive
4502This module is not supported in your edition
4401Mandatory field missing
4600Incorrect API parameter or API parameter value. Also check the method name and/or spelling errors in the API url.
4820API call cannot be completed as you have exceeded the "rate limit".
4831Missing parameters error
4832Text value given for an Integer field
4834Invalid ticket. Also check if ticket has expired.
4835XML parsing error
4890Wrong API Key
4487No permission to convert lead.
4001No API permission
401No module permission
401.1No permission to create a record
401.2No permission to edit a record
401.3No permission to delete a record
4101Zoho CRM disabled
4102No CRM account
4103No record available with the specified record ID.
4422No records available in the module
4420Wrong value for search parameter and/or search parameter value.
4421Number of API calls exceeded
4423Exceeded record search limit
4807Exceeded file size limit
4424Invalid File Type
4809Exceeded storage space limit

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