convertLeads Method - Comparison


To convert lead to potential, account and contact.

Request URL

Version 1.0: Id&xmlData=POTENTIALXMLDATA

Version 2.0:


Method: POST

Request body: The content of a record given in JSON format.

Header: Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken {oauth_token}

Request Parameters

Version 1.0Version 2.0
authtoken=****Authorization=Zoho-oauthtoken ***** - as a Header.
idid has to be given in the request URL.

Sample API Request:

Request in Version 1.0Request in Version 2.0***&id=1386586000002574001&xmlData=<Potentials>
<row no="1">
<option val="createPotential">true</option>
<option val="assignTo"></option>
<option val="notifyLeadOwner">true</option>
<option val="notifyNewEntityOwner">true</option>
<row no="2">
<FL val="Potential Name">Samplepotential</FL>
<FL val="Closing Date">12/21/2009</FL>
<FL val="Potential Stage">Closed Won</FL>
<FL val="Contact Role">Purchasing</FL>
<FL val="Amount">3432.23</FL>
<FL val="Probability">100</FL>
Body: {
  "data": [
    "overwrite": true,
    "notify_lead_owner": true,
    "notify_new_entity_owner": true,
    "Accounts": "1386586000000753001",
    "Contacts": "1386586000000599023",
    "assign_to": "1386586000000105001",
    "Deals": {
     "Campaign_Source": "1386586000000803001",
     "Deal_Name": "Potential_Name1",
     "Closing_Date": "2016-02-18",
     "Stage": "Stage0",
     "Amount": 56.6


  • 1386586000000753001 is account id
  • 1386586000000599023 is contact id
  • 1386586000000105001 is user id
  • 1386586000000803001 is campaign id

Sample Responses:

Response in Version 1.0Response in Version 2.0
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Contact param="id">1386586000002579015</Contact>
<Potential param="id">1386586000002579018</Potential>
  "data": [

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