API Limits

The Version 1.0 Zoho CRM APIs were deprecated on Dec 31, 2018, and will reach their end-of-life(EOL) on Jan 31, 2020, for the Professional and above editions. The EOL for the Free and Standard/Starter editions is Jan 15, 2020. We strongly recommend you migrate to the new and improved API 2.0.

API Limits

The Zoho CRM API is available in all editions of Zoho CRM. To use the API, you'll require the Zoho CRM Authentication Token from your CRM account. Please make sure that you have the permission to access the API service. If you do not have permission, please contact your CRM administrator.

 API Limit

Zoho CRM EditionAPI Requests - Upper Limit
Free Edition1000 requests/day/organization
Standard Edition
  • Min - 2000 requests/day/organization
  • Max - 5000 requests/day/organization or 250 requests /user license whichever is lower
Professional Edition
  • Min - 3000 requests/day/organization
  • Max - 10000 requests/day/organization or 250 requests /user license whichever is lower
Enterprise Edition
  • Min - 4000 requests/day/organization
  • Max - 25000 requests/day/organization or 500 requests /user license whichever is lower

Important Notes

  • The PST Time zone will be considered. The requests are reset at 00:00 AM PST.
  • We notify CRM administrators (Users with "Administrator" profile) if your organization exceeds the API limit. We also provide API Statistics for better assessment of your integration requirements.
  • To optimize your API usage, get maximum 200 records with each request and insert, update or delete maximum 100 records with each request.

    Example: If you have purchased 10 user licenses, you are allowed 2500 requests per day. Using each of those 2500 requests, you can update maximum 100 records. That would be 2500 x 100 i.e. 250,000 records can be updated/inserted/deleted per day.

  • In case, your application requires more than the upper limit, your additional API requests will not be processed. To avoid data transfer issues, please assess your API requirements well in advance. If you need any help, please contact our Support at support@zohocrm.com

 Check API Request Usage

You can view the total limit for API calls and the current day's API usage in Zoho CRM.

  1. In Zoho CRM, click Settings > Setup > DeveloperSpace > APIs > CRM API.
  2. In the CRM API page, the Usage statistics of API section represents the per day usage and total limit for the API calls.
  3. When the user calls the API, Drill Down/Drill Up button will be displayed. Click the Drill Down/Drill Up button to find number of API calls made in your account based on user ip and username. All the active and confirmed usernames will be displayed in the dropdown list. You can select any username to know the API call count details of that user.


These UI changes will be shown only when the user has made at least one api call. If users did not call any API, then these details will not be displayed.

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