Flexible scripting solutions for your unique business challenges

Create and execute conditional UI actions to cater to your unique CRM requirements. Develop custom scripts to automate the routine CRM tasks that your organization performs most often and help your sales team focus on their most critical tasks with client scripts.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Design custom solutions for your unique CRM requirements.
  • Enrich your CRM data by blending it with third-party data.
  • Keep your data clean and accurate using validations and error messages.
  • Visually highlight essential fields to enable instant record comprehension.
  • Regulate visibility of sensitive field data for better privacy control

An inclusive editor to enhance your scripting experience

Empower your developers to turn your custom business logic into executable client scripts in Zoho CRM. Provide them with the right platform to write, compare, revise, track, test, and preview their code and how it works, to ensure smooth execution of your business logic during implementation.

Tap into the convenience of your existing code files

Import your predefined scripts and third-party JavaScript libraries into your CRM and use them in your client scripts. Save time and resources by not having to re-write readily available code from scratch so you can quickly get your scripts up and running in your sales process.

Incorporate your own functionality in your regular CRM operations

Devise your own CRM solutions that complement your CRM activities. Build and implement functionality ranging from auto-populating field data to masking confidential data to address your business-specific CRM concerns. Resolve all these concerns from your CRM, without having to depend on external services.

Versatile UI components to diversify your data operations

Integrate CRM and third-party capabilities with flexible UI components using flyouts. Handle custom operations and third-party data without interrupting your regular CRM activities. With the freedom to customize their attributes to your needs, flyouts couple functionality with flexibility to deliver a great user experience for your sales team.

Understand your records at a single glance

Free your users from having to scroll through all the fields in a record to understand it, and make records more visually appealing at the same time. Apply color coding to fields based on conditions you set to help users identify records and make decisions with minimal scanning.

Regulate data transactions with external domains

Prevent risk to your CRM data when interacting with external sites with client scripts. Determine which sites your scripts can transfer data with by whitelisting domains that are trustworthy and secure. Only permit your client scripts to send and receive data with these sites to ensure that your CRM data is not compromised.

Comprehensive ZDK to address your diverse CRM needs

Leverage the benefits of having a comprehensive library of APIs to extend the capabilities of your CRM. The extensive list of APIs available in ZDK allows you to build client scripts to resolve a wide range of CRM issues that your business may face.

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