Capture customer interactions from everywhere

Your teams need all the information they can get to deliver personalized engagement. Use Zoho CRM's APIs to Connect multiple data sources, enhance your workflows with additional data, and maintain a single point of truth.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Create advanced workflows that can perform any custom action
  • Keep track of changes to your Zoho CRM account and its data
  • Capture customer data from across your SaaS stack
  • Construct data queries using CRM Object Query Language
  • Work with large volumes of data using a single API call

APIs for Zoho CRM

Unify existing customer data from across different applications and databases.



    Access and work with almost all of Zoho CRM's components using REST API. Fetch, create, update or delete any sort of information stored in your account. Use simple HTTP methods to fetch components like records, modules, and custom views.


    Bulk API

    Effortlessly retrieve or upload large amount of data using a single Bulk API call. This is an asynchronous API and is great for performing tasks as a background process, like migration, data backup, and initial data sync between Zoho CRM and external services.


    Notification APIs

    Keep track of all the changes that occur to your data by subscribing for instant notifications using Zoho CRM's Notification APIs. Automatically get notified when there are changes to your Zoho CRM account without having to manually poll for updates.


    Query APIs

    Construct your own queries to fetch data from your Zoho CRM account. Similar to MySQL, CRM Object Query Language(COQL) uses a simple SELECT query structure to fetch as many as 200 records from Zoho CRM using a single Query API call.

Get insight on your account's API usage

Track your account's API usage and get in-depth information about your top API consumers, API usage pattern, average daily usage, usage access points, and top API methods used, through Zoho CRM's intuitive API usage dashboards.

Zoho CRM API dashboard - Get insight on your account's API usage

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