Close more deals with the right deal management software

Great sales management is all about prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring the deals in your pipeline. Zoho CRM deal management software gives you everything you need to manage deals across territories and sales structures.

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Deal management software that helps you:

  • Focus on the right deals that have higher chances of closure
  • Learn key information about your deals, any time, anywhere
  • Increase up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Analyze past deal activities and opportunities
  • Build fully customize sales processes for your organization
  • Create customized pipeline for unique sales processes

Know where every deal stands, at a glance

Having a close eye on your deals is easier when you can see the deal stage as well as the numbers associated with it in a single screen. Know how much of your expected revenue is near closing, and which deals need immediate attention. Use Zoho CRM's advanced filters and sort functionality to quickly locate deals that fit your criteria so that you can take quick actions on them.

Deal management overview - Zoho CRM

Create distinct sales pipelines for different processes

If you're dealing with multiple products or services, or you have different sales processes based on geography, a single pipeline is not adequate. Zoho CRM lets you create distinct sales pipelines that can be customized with the different stages to suit your sales process.

Create unique pipelines for different sales process in your business

Zia helps you identify the right deals to concentrate on  

You may have multiple deals in your pipeline, but do you know which ones have the highest probability to convert? Zia makes the hard work easy through her intelligent predictions, so that you can always focus on the right deals that are steadily moving across your pipeline. You can ask Zia about the status of any deal and find out crucial deal information through simple voice commands. Chat with Zia using the Ask Zia button at the bottom of your desktop screen, or call her on your mobile to get easy access to your information, even on the go.

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Deal stages at a glance

View what stage a deal is in and update it from the same place. If you're on a call with a prospect and the deal stage moves from "needs analysis" to "value proposition", you can update it then and there.

Zoho CRM deal stages - Opportunity management

Start quoting from within CRM

Sending quotes to your customers shouldn't be a hassle. Create quotes the easy way from inside the Deals module. Include the most relevant product information, such as price and quantity, as well as customer data for easy record-keeping and organization. Work smarter by generating a personalized quote, and instantly email it to your customer from inside CRM.

Quote management CRM - Zoho CRM Deals

Keep tabs on the competition

During sales follow-ups, prospects want to hear what makes your solution different from the competition. Use Zoho CRM to take notes on competitors' strengths and weaknesses, helping you pitch the advantages of your solution better and improve the chances of closing the deal faster.

Deal management software - analyze competition - Zoho CRM

Track your deal pipeline

View in-depth reports about deals closing this month, daily revenue, sales stages, and more. Use dashboards to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and find areas for potential growth opportunities.

Deal funnel tracking - sales opportunity management - Zoho CRM

Celebrate sales together

Spread the excitement of closing big deals with colleagues and managers. Set up a workflow alert from CRM to share the good news instantly.

Deal workflows - Zoho CRM Deal management system