Build customer loyalty through exemplary service

Quality customer service can take your customers from merely satisfied to loyal brand advocates. Zoho CRM helps you build an efficient service department and delight your customers with quick, contextual service.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Provide contextual customer service across multiple channels
  • Customize your help desk structure to suit your business
  • Improve agent productivity through numerous tools
  • Build a comprehensive customer self-service center

Manage all customer tickets in one central space

Customers may reach out for assistance on any channel—and your business can be there to provide support across all of them. Sort through and prioritize customer tickets submitted via email, telephone, live chat, social media, or webforms. With access to a customer's complete service history, service agents can understand them better and get the larger picture behind the issue they're facing. Once an issue is resolved, you can send out a survey to get feedback from the customer about their experience.

Manage customer issues across multiple channels.

Connect with customers to solve their issues in real time

Embed a live chat widget on your website to help customers who wish to reach out to an agent in real time. Set up answer bots to handle standard queries, or deploy AI-powered chatbots to suggest solutions from your knowledge base. Route customers to the right live agents when needed, and use tools like screen share, audio and video calling, or remote assistance to connect with them regarding their issues. You can even be proactive in your service by using chat triggers on your website to ask customers if they need assistance. Ensure no visitor is missed by converting missed chats to tickets in your help desk.

Provide live chat support to your customers.

Organize your help desk to reflect your service structure

Create distinct departments based on your products, subscription levels, region, or any parameter which suits your needs. Create page layouts to customize how each department collects and processes data. Assign teams, specific SLAs, and more to each department, and analyze the performance of each department individually. Ensure data security is maintained throughout by defining roles and profiles for your service agents and setting up your organization's hierarchy within Zoho CRM.

Structure your help desk into departments

Empower customers with self-service options

Build a comprehensive help center for each of your brands. Customize the look and feel to match your brand, and set up different knowledge base articles, service channels, notifications, and more for each one. Create communities for customers to interact with each other and your service agents. Combined with the use of smart chatbots, all of these self-service features guarantee every customer receives attention, while only the ones who require specialized attention reach your agents.

Build a comprehensive self-service center.

Boost agent productivity and address issues faster

When an issue does reach an agent in your team, arm them with a range of tools to address customer issues in an efficient manner. They can use work modes to organize tickets in various ways and prioritize their queue, access a rich text editor to craft detailed responses, and collaborate with other agents as needed. AI features like automatic ticket tags, customer sentiment analysis, and smart reply suggestions help them understand and respond to issues with reduced effort.

Track and improve agent productivity.

Support sales in growing your business

Customer service can play a key role in closing more sales deals. Your service team can handle support requests raised by sales reps on their prospect's behalf and speed up the sales cycle. Service reps can classify tickets based on the customer's stage in the sales funnel, and access sales information like ongoing deals and expected revenue. They can even update the customer database with any pertinent information gleaned during their interactions. Live chat agents can also forward a website visitor directly to their sales rep, or create a sales follow-up task. If they spot a new business opportunity, they can easily create a new deal for your sales team to chase.

Support teams can send relevant inputs to the sales team.

Stick to your SLAs with ease

Customers come to expect a certain standard of service from your brand, and you can ensure you give it to them. Define a clear-cut SLA policy for your organization's departments and channels. Set up rules to handle escalations, such as forwarding an overdue ticket to the relevant manager. Track how well your organization keeps to its SLAs with customizable reports.

Set up and manage SLAs for all your products and channels.

Make service an integral aspect of your marketing channels

Customers often reach out for help on your marketing channels, and you need to be ready to help them when they do. Convert social media comments or posts to tickets and set up live chat support within your direct message inboxes on various channels. Live chat agents can view which email campaign a customer visits your site from, and even score and prioritize them based on how they interact with your marketing messages. You can also set up proactive chat triggers for customers coming in from specific campaigns to engage with them better.

Provide timely service on marketing channels.

Get a well-rounded view of your help desk performance

From time tracking to issue resolution rates, you can generate several metrics to understand how well your service team is performing. Identify the top agents and departments with detailed reports on team performance, and get a summary of customer feedback to know how well your service is received. Get a complete qualitative and quantitative overview of your customer service operations from intuitive, customizable reports and dashboards.

Understand how your service department is performing.

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