Drive your sales through the roof with Zoho CRM

Growing your business is incredibly easy with Zoho CRM's powerful sales features. Your sales reps have everything they need to manage prospects and close deals in record time. With added context from service and marketing, they can personalize sales strategies to each of their clients and create an engaging sales experience.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Deal management software that helps you:

  • Manage leads and deals across your pipeline
  • Improve sales with inputs from marketing and support
  • Implement all your custom sales requirements
  • Manage sales across regions and verticals

Master your sales pipeline

Build sales pipelines for each of your sales processes or products into your CRM. Track your deals across the pipeline and quickly determine which stages they're at. Make better sales decisions with tools like lead scoring to help you prioritize your prospects, assignment rules to route them to the most suitable sales rep, sales forecasting, AI-powered lead enrichment, and more.
Get full visibility into your sales pipelines.

Bring service context to your sales pitches

A good sales pitch addresses all your customer's pain points. With access to your customer's complete service history, you can add a touch of empathy to your sales conversations and help your customers feel understood. Get instant feedback from service agents about potential upsell or cross-sell opportunities and be proactive in pitching new solutions to your customers.
Understand a prospect's pain points before you make your pitch.

Sync email marketing with your sales funnel

As you build and nurture your lead base through careful marketing strategies, you need to identify and follow through on sales-ready leads. Align marketing messages with your sales cycle and understand your prospects better with feedback on the content they engage with. Allow a smooth handover from marketing to sales and pitch your products at opportune moments.
Understand where your prospects' interests are.

Accommodate all your custom business requirements

Zoho CRM is flexible enough to fit all your custom sales scenarios. Create a distinct space for each of your products or processes, along with their own workflows and other automations. If you segment your business based on regions, product lines, or any other criteria, you can use territory management to replicate this sales structure within CRM and manage the sales of each segment individually. Add custom fields and components, simplify data entry with conditional fields and wizards, set up custom data associations, and handle multiple currencies and languages. To top it all, you can use Canvas, a drag-and-drop CRM design studio, to customize your interface as per your business requirements and boost adoption rates. Make your CRM truly yours with minimal effort.

Detail page rebuilt using Canvas Defualt CRM detail page After Before

Dive deep into your sales numbers

Making sense out of your sales figures has never been easier. Access over a hundred prebuilt reports and dashboards, or build custom ones to understand how your business is performing and to track important sales metrics. Whether it's the impact of a specific sales activity, conversion rates across multiple territories, or the revenue for your business as a whole, you can get answers to all your sales questions.

  • Get deep insight into your sales numbers.
  • Get deep insight into your sales numbers.

Manage the commercial aspects of your sales

A deal shouldn't be slowed down by the operational or commercial aspects of sales. Set up a product library and manage inventory from your CRM. Enable sales reps to generate quick quotes and convert them to sales orders with ease. Manage all your suppliers and your business's purchase orders. Create portals to provide controlled CRM access to external stakeholders, such as your vendors, distributors, or partners. See all your sales through, right up to the final invoice.
Manage your product inventory right from Zoho CRM.

Convert social interactions into revenue

Social media is a powerful connection tool and can generate valuable business opportunities for your company. Sync your social media leads and sell to them more effectively. Prioritize social conversations with access to CRM information and add useful notes for the sales team. You can also correlate your social media marketing efforts with revenue gains so you can see how well they're paying off.
Allow a smooth flow from social channels to sales funnels.

Discover the business value of your website visitors

Your website is an important source of leads, and website behavior can be an important factor determining your sales approach. Zoho CRM enables you to capitalize on website activity with visitor tracking information captured by Zoho SalesIQ. You can prioritize new website leads and push them to your CRM for follow-up, enhance live chat experiences with access to detailed CRM history, create deals from SalesIQ, and more.
Analyze the website behaviour of your sales leads.

Gain insight into customer satisfaction levels

Customer feedback can inform the way you conduct your sales operations. Sales reps can easily create and distribute surveys to gauge customer satisfaction levels on various aspects of your business and your products or services. Customers' survey responses—and survey scores, if any—are tagged to their records in CRM to help sales reps fine tune their approach to any prospect.
Use customer feedback to improve sales processes.

Follow through on major customer projects

Sometimes, winning a deal isn't as simple as marking it closed won. Delivering, setting up, and customizing a product to a customer's requirements requires coordinated effort from several stakeholders within your company. Sales reps can easily set up new projects based on customer requirements and track their progress. Any tasks on their end are synced with the project so that all team members are kept in the loop.
Track customer projects related to major sales deals.