Win customers over with precise marketing

The hallmark of good marketing lies in striking the right chord with your audience. Zoho CRM's marketing tools help you discover what content resonates with your audience, target your messages to the right segments, and measure their impact on your revenue.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Execute strategic email marketing campaigns
  • Manage your brand's presence across social channels
  • Analyze how paid and organic marketing efforts impact revenue
  • Incorporate customer feedback into your marketing strategy

Create visually appealing email campaigns

Get access to hundreds of aesthetic and responsive templates for your email marketing campaigns. The templates cover several popular categories, like seasonal greetings, newsletters, and ecommerce. You can customize the templates or create your own with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Include a range of interactive elements within your emails like polls and videos to engage your audience. You can even A/B test different versions of your templates to identify which work best.

Create visually appealing email campaigns

Target your messages to add a personal touch

Distribution is key with a mass messaging medium like email. Create and manage mailing lists using a variety of parameters, including customer demographics and topics of interest. You have several options to personalize the content and delivery of your mails. Use dynamic content in the body of your mails, optimize send times, and customize the sender ID for each recipient. Execute complex drip marketing campaigns and send messages based on how your audience engages with your emails.

  • Send customers messages on topics of their interest.
  • Use dynamic fields to personalize messages.

Step up your social media marketing game

Grow your business's presence across all popular social media channels—including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. Manage your social media calendar centrally, and access a host of scheduling options for your posts. Monitor engagement on your posts in real time and respond from within Zoho CRM. Identify your most engaged followers across channels. Set up listening streams to stay updated on all topics and pages of interest.

Manage your social media calendar for all channels.

Control your paid marketing across channels

Get a comprehensive view of your paid ads across Google and social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Sync incoming leads to CRM for immediate sales follow-ups. Map additional campaign information for context so that your sales team knows how to approach prospects, and measure the overall ROI from your paid social marketing.

  • Manage paid campaigns on LinkedIn.
  • Analyze paid campaigns on Google Ads.

Add customer perspectives to your marketing

Your marketing copy should reflect an understanding of the customer. And the simplest way to understand your customers' needs? Just ask them. Surveys are an important tool to conduct any market research or get customer feedback. Create extensive customer surveys, personalize them with CRM information, and distribute them to your customer base through various channels. Implement ready-made templates to email the survey to your audience. Generate survey scores if needed, and analyze survey responses from various segments. Use customer feedback to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Use customer feedback to improve your marketing strategy.

Segment customers based on purchase patterns

Zoho CRM uses a sophisticated RFM model to segment customers based on the recency, frequency, and monetary value of their purchases. You can customize the criteria under each category based on your business's needs. Using sales data helps you fine tune your marketing approach to a great degree. For instance, seasonal shoppers might respond well to a holiday sale, whereas frequent, high-value buyers might be ideal candidates for a loyalty program.

Create better customer segments with the RFM model.

Measure the impact of marketing on sales

Zoho CRM gives your sales reps all the tools needed to follow up with the leads generated from your marketing activities. Marketing teams can provide valuable feedback to sales reps on their prospects, and can also automate sales follow-up in specified cases. Sales reps can view a prospect's activity in email campaigns or social channels and build a contextual sales pitch. You can then use marketing attribution to understand how well the two functions work together. Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and how they contribute to your revenue. Track the ROI of each campaign and identify whether your marketing dollars are being spent well.

Link your marketing activities to sales results.

Give your customers the service they're looking for

Ensure that your customers can find help through your marketing channels if needed. Add a link to live chat support in the signature of your marketing campaigns, and convert any comment or direct message on social media to a ticket in your help desk. You can even automate the creation of tickets based on specified keywords. This creates a smooth flow of data between your marketing and service teams, and ensures efficient service follow-up.

Integrate customer service into your marketing channels.

Track your leads' website behavior

Analyze the website traffic generated from your marketing activities. Track the behavior of leads coming in from your email campaigns. Track how engaged they are with your website content to understand whether your marketing activities are resulting in valid leads. You can also create a mailing list of visitors who drop off from your website and attempt to re-engage them with your product.

Understand how your leads are engaging on your website.

Analyze how well your marketing campaigns perform

Apart from sales impact, you also get access to a wide variety of metrics and prebuilt dashboards to understand other aspects of how your marketing activities are doing. Track the reach of your campaigns, how many leads they generate, how your paid and organic marketing efforts compare with each other, and more. You can even get qualitative insights, such as the demographic split of your audience or how well various types of content resonate with your audience.

Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.