Customizing CRM

Easy to Customize

Most businesses hugely rely upon one-for-all applications, mapping needs with anything available irrespective of their business model. Turns out, such vanilla applications do not address all the industry and business specifics. A full-fledged CRM system is one that reflects your business model to help users achieve desired results, easier and faster. Zoho CRM offers intuitive customization tools that cater to your unique business needs.

Customize CRM for your Needs

Don’t limit your customization with standard modules. You can now add industry-specific modules without using developer tools. These custom modules behave just like any other standard module allowing you to customize, import and export data, configure workflow rules, link with standard CRM modules and generate insightful reports.

Store Info that Helps Do Better Business

Zoho CRM comes with a set of fields that caters to the needs of most business houses. What if you need more? It offers custom fields of more than ten different types like Integer, Currency, Pick list, Formula etc., for modules. Record information about company and customers that is crucial and save resources.

Keep your Pages Clutter-free

Keep only information that you want and organize page layout as per your choice. Maintain clean pages in your CRM and get instant access to any information you need.

Build and Manage your Own Apps

Extend your CRM to custom apps, where you can create and manage your own applications, forms and views and access them from within CRM. Integrate CRM account with useful business-centric apps like Sales Commission, Travel Expenses, etc. and centralize activities in one platform. Learn More

Brand your CRM

Associate Zoho CRM closely with your brand by adding your company’s logo. You can choose themes, name format, add signature, etc. for a user-level customization that brings uniqueness to your account.

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