Digital marketing company drives better customer engagement with Zoho CRM

"The reality is that Zoho CRM, when used to its full potential, can be a powerful tool that helps us to boost the results both for ourselves and for our clients"

Natasha EllardCo-owner and Managing Director, Urban Element

Urban Element is a Digital Marketing agency based in Oxfordshire, England. For the last 17 years they have helped hundreds of businesses build their online presence with well-crafted websites. They have helped others achieve their marketing goals and yet they are always open to learn new things from their clients. Read more about them here.

The challenges

Manually managing a projects pipeline with hundreds of customers with different needs proved to be a difficult and time-consuming. They needed a platform on which they could keep track of different projects in one place, as well as tracking their own work. Before using Zoho CRM, leads and deals were managed though spreadsheets.

Time is of essence when contacting a lead or potential, so Urban Element needed tools to keep them updated about leads and potentials so that they didn't miss an opportunity to connect and get new business. On top of that, their previous communication system wasn't flexible enough and many times, internal and external communication overlapped, causing confusion and even additional work. They needed a tool to keep internal and external communication separate and clear.

Keeping track of paid promotions online proved to be another challenge. They needed to track ROI from each campaigns to understand business benefits and base future investment decisions on that insight. They also wanted to make sure they kept different customers' accounts (passwords, digital data, etc) safe.

The solution

Urban Element found Zoho to be a cost-effective, feature-rich solution that could be customized according to their business needs. They were able to tackle each business problem step by step with Zoho One, the all-in-one suite.

First off, each employee now has a personal view of their CRM so they can track their own work without disrupting others and assign tasks to others without having to send any email requests. This helps keep communication simple and confusion-free. It lightens the load of unnecessary emails.

The deals module helps Urban Element better understand their customers. This gives insight into each deal stage and helps them be prepared for the upcoming months and keep resources ready for deals that are close to closing. They also found it very useful to be able to pull reports and see current timelines.

They can also now effectively track their own and customers' paid promotions through Zoho PageSense. It gives insight into customer page activity and allows Urban Element to curate personal messages based on user activity, leading to better engagement and, eventually, better ROI.

They've also been able to achieve effective internal and external communication with Zoho Cliq. Now, they can create and manage separate channels for customers and teams of people working together on a project. This keeps the communication simple and avoids any overlap.

With automated email engagement using Zoho Campaigns and better insight into customer activity with PageSense, they have been able to decrease bounce rates for campaigns successfully. Urban Elements also now uses Zoho Vault to ensure data safety for their customers, satisfying every last need.

"What sets Zoho CRM apart from other CRM systems, in our perspective, is that it's extremely flexible and has allowed our agency to amend fields and categories to really fit our business needs. That includes customization of all reports, drop down boxes, and tabs"

Natasha EllardCo-owner and Managing Director, Urban Element
  • Industry typeMarketing & Advertising
  • EmployeesBelow 50
  • Type of businessDigital Marketing Agency

Features that helped us

DashboardsLeadsContactsActivity LogDealsReports

Before and after

Before Zoho CRM, Urban Elements was using Sage ACT. They were using a local version of the CRM, which meant it wasn't easily accessible and was outdated. Zoho CRM has enabled the team with easy access, is a lot more user friendly for their teams, and stays up to date without them having to lift a finger.

According to Urban Element, Zoho CRM has enabled them to work more systematically and effectively in a high pressure, high demand environment. With Zoho CRM, they remain on top of their leads, deals, and potentials. Cliq has made communication with clients and employees easier and helped them work in tandem even while remote. With many projects in the works at the same time, each with different customer needs, Zoho CRM has helped them communicate more effectively and on time, both internally and externally. Having a single view of things helped keep everything on track and avoided duplicated effort, saving a lot of time.

Read more about their experience with Zoho CRM here.

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