Zoho CRM helped TECO Pneumatic to increase its adoption by 300%.

TECO Pneumatic was founded in 1937 as Transmission Engineering Co. in San Francisco. TECO is now a wholesale distributor of pneumatic components, structural framing systems for machine builders, and hydraulic hoses and fittings.They have two offices and eight sales people working remotely. TECO’s sales staff is knowledgeable about application engineering, and work closely with customers who rely on them to help engineer a project, as well as provide the components they need to get it done.


Prior to implementing Zoho CRM with the Gmail integration, TECO had a difficult time getting employees to log in and use their former CRM system, Salesforce. The employees felt they derived little or no value from the system; that it was just an unnecessary tool that wasted their time. Because only a handful of employees were using the system, it failed to provide management with the solid information needed to make strategic decisions, causing both TECO and the customer to suffer.

Zoho CRM is better than their competition. Our company's adoption rate has increased by 300%


Zoho CRM's integration with Gmail provided TECO with the seamless solution they had been looking for. All TECO employees use Zoho CRM as their client application to communicate and register activities with customers. Instead of using a standard email client, TECO employees use Zoho CRM because it provides a more intuitive and productive way of working. This widespread adoption provides a simple aggregate view of each customer’s status, helping sales staff provide better customer service and giving management valuable insight into their customers’ experience.


Since switching to Zoho CRM, TECO Pneumatic has experienced three major benefits:

Adoption: CRM adoption rate by TECO employees has tripled since the move to Zoho CRM and Gmail. TECO now has shared information on each customer at their fingertips. Whether communicating via email or by phone, details about an opportunity or information regarding a service-related issue goes in one place that everyone has access to and uses regularly.

Customization and automation: Zoho CRM is much easier to configure and customize than any other CRM. TECO is able to add fields for information gathering without needing any programming expertise. This feature allows business managers to create forms and templates to exchange information with their customers either through TECO's staff or via an automated process.

Cost Savings: By moving to Zoho CRM, TECO spends just 25 percent of the cost spent on Salesforce, equating to a savings of $45,000 per year.

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