Startrade finds the freedom to work from anywhere with Zoho's unique mobility. Karl Luis Gardolinski, Director
IndustryInformation technology and services
Size1-10 employees

The Startrade develops and distributes solutions for Industries and Logistics Operators in process optimization of packaging, palletizing, planning and optimization of loads on vehicles, operations planning, Supply Chain, Milk Run, Import and Export, which can be applied to companies of all sizes and segments.


The company spent too much time relying on paper and memory to effectively manage clients and prospects. The CEO of the company, Luis Gardolinski's, first foray into contact management and CRM software was ACT. Though ACT was useful, it was always back at the office on an ACT machine. And because everyone had to wait for colleagues to enter data and synchronize manually, the information was always delayed by at least one day.. "While employees were out and about, they never had a full view of what was going on in the office," Gardolinski said. So he started searching for an online CRM solution where he could see what's going on with each client at each stage of the sales cycle. He also needed a CRM solution everyone could access anywhere so they'd always be up to date.


Gardolinksi's business and employees were becoming more mobile. He landed on Zoho and chose to move over."It's always a challenge when you change a piece of software you've been using for seven years to something else", Gardolinksi said. All the CRM solutions Startrade looked at were either too fancy, more than they needed, or too expensive. What really sold Gardolinski on Zoho was the speed of customer service, especially while testing the free version. After sending a request he got a response in 30 minutes and the problem was solved over the next 30 minutes. Also, it was easy for him to import all the data from ACT to Zoho with much ease in less time. He also renewed relationships with the old and new customers by focussing on the client's information and calling them right away.

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Now that all his information was online, Gardolinski and his team could travel wherever they wanted and still have complete access to all the company data. Even if you can import your data easily, don't just import everything, advises Gardolinski. Use the move to a new system as an opportunity to renew your database like how I did. Call your clients and update all their information. "It takes more time, but it's worth it to do it right", Gardolinksi said.