CRM - Ondimar Jose de Morais

Without the tools that Google and Zoho offer, our service becomes unviable.

Ondimar Jose de Morais Owner

About Ondimar is a Brazilian information technology company owned and operated by Ondimar Jose de Morais. The company specializes in demonstrating systems, training users, and presenting IT alternatives to its client base. also provides a number of IT-driven business services including scanning sales invoices, controlling stock ERP and inventory as well as accounts payable and accounts receivable services.


The challenge for small business owners has long been finding a CRM applications that is both effective and affordable. At, the effectiveness of any CRM installation depends on the users’ ability to understand the process flow, share knowledge, and understand the utility of CRM as a fundamental business process. Meanwhile, the company’s CRM users are often spread thin engaging a variety of clients and business partners.

"We are responsible for the Human Resources department staff of two customers,” said Ondimar. “I also have three employees that work with the help of eight supplier companies to serve a customer that has 250 employees."

Solution started working with Zoho CRM two years ago and makes use of several features including contacts, email, tickets, client database, and opportunities. The company is also taking advantage of Zoho CRM integration with Google Apps.

"Zoho CRM has assisted me in tracking tasks,” said Ondimar. “We use Gmail, so I can monitor all requests that come to my team via email. Then, I can email the file after it is resolved. By integrating with Google Apps, Zoho CRM lets me share without difficulty or duplicating effort."


For, the benefits of using Zoho CRM include the application’s ease of use. Now, company employees understand the CRM process and how to effectively engage in that process via Zoho CRM’s straightforward interface.

The primary benefit of working with Zoho CRM, however, is that it keeps in business. "Without the tools that Google and Zoho offer,” said Ondimar, "our service becomes unviable."