Whatever relationship management system you use, and I recommend Zoho, make sure it links up with real life.- Louise Vincent, President

About Natural Hero Ltd

Natural Hero Ltd – High performance, natural recovery products for sports and fitness.It is an independently owned company based in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Managing parallel developments while working with plant scientists, physiotherapists, and cosmetic specialists. Plus thinking about who the business will serve.

"It's that juggle between moving that business forward and developing as a business whilst also keeping fairly on top of the key issues of the people you're working with," Vincent said.

The Company was looking for a solution that could handle their relations with trade, suppliers, and the outside world. Prior to Zoho CRM, Vincent wasted a lot of time with emails, documents, and spreadsheets.


"I didn’t try to setup everything at once. Using Zoho CRM has been very iterative," and at each stage Vincent reflects back on what she has learned, allowing her to change if necessary. No configurations are set in stone, nor are they costly to change. When the Company decides they want to handle things differently, nothing is lost as they shift processes. 


Don’t get sucked into administrative nonsense, look at what actions (e.g., reports) will have impact to your bottom line. For example, the sales pipeline report shows potential customers and what level they’re at with regard to their potential income. This allows you to see who and what you need to focus on next.

"There's something rather seductive about [administrative stuff] where you can enjoy just ticking things off without seeing what the end result is,” said Vincent. "Make sure you're looking at the reports that are measuring impact rather than process."

"Whatever relationship management system you use, and I recommend Zoho, make sure it links up with real life,” said Vincent. “Don’t get so caught up on the processes that you forget what you're using it for."