How My Home Doctor used Zoho CRM to boost patient outreach.

My Home Doctor’s Wellness Visit program encompasses annual in-home physician visits reminiscent of the past when doctor house calls were the norm. Each year, My Home Doctor receives a list of members which contains 16,000 – 20,000 individuals. The team is responsible for surveying these members to identify if there are any additional medical needs they might have that are not being met.


As My Home Doctor's numbers increased, they struggled with finding a data tracking system that could accommodate their growth.“Our biggest setback was that we were losing data by using cloud software," said project manager Alex Haynes. "Not only were we losing information, but we were also losing a tremendous amount of time trying to locate lost data. It was a lose-lose scenario and we were missing out on opportunities for further growth."

Once they realized the huge holes in their data-tracking system, Alex and the team began looking for a CRM solution. They needed a CRM system that could handle two accounts: one for managing their Wellness Visit program, and one for recording information on patients with chronic conditions.

Transitioning to a more secure and robust system was significant to the success of our patient outreach and we’re saving 15-20 percent time each day.


When they switched from their previous system to Zoho CRM, the teams at My Home Doctor found that the easy-to-use interface and built-in reports helped them track and communicate with their leads and contacts anytime. "Above all, Zoho offered flexibility and customization that no other CRM could match," said Alex.

The benefits that they gained didn't stop there; in addition to a straightforward user experience and customization options, Alex has found that Zoho CRM has brought more time and a larger client base to My Home Doctor. "Transitioning to a more secure and robust system was significant to the success of our patient outreach, and we're saving 15%-20% of our time each day."


Since implementing Zoho CRM, My Home Doctor's accounts have gotten much more streamlined and efficient. According to Alex, "Zoho CRM takes the calculations out of the hands of employees," which keeps their numbers more accurate and gives them confidence that their data is correct.

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