CRM - Mr. Gunaseelan

We are very enthusiastic about our collaboration with KVP*. MicroLOGIX and KVP share similar values and we believe that this new strategic partnership will strengthen our approach to our verticals and also streamline our internal structure to our vision.

Mr. Gunaseelan Managing Director

About MicroLOGIX

MicroLOGIX Embedded Controls (P) Ltd. was established in the year 1995 to provide electronic solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) & Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) in diverse industries. With a proactive approach to current and future challenges, MicroLOGIX ensures that their products meet quality and reliability requirements.


  • Sales team was not able to focus on sales closure.
  • Management lacked clarity on their new business pipeline.
  • Marketing, lead generation and sales were not collaboratively functioning.
  • Sales reviews did not have enough data points to make unified decision.
  • Lack of tool to integrate leads, sales, order management, customer relationship to understand market scenario and monitor sales volume fluctuation.
  • Reduce duplication and easy communication flow across sales and distribution network.


  • A CRM that integrates sales, order management, production, distribution management, installation and service call management
  • Customized online reporting to management and sales staff to prioritize actions to drive better sales closure
  • Innovative practices to automate task flow, competition information, market details, product feedback and marketing ampaign monitor


  • Improved sales channel productivity.
  • Transparent and easy communication across organization.
  • Sales techniques to improve sales productivity.
  • Decisive steps to closely track sales and marketing investments.
  • Enables the client track the progress of every enquiry online (from sales to installations and services calls).
  • Management dashboard to articulate ground realities and choke points.

About KVP

KVP, a Zoho Alliance Partner Program member implemented Zoho CRM for MicroLOGIX Embedded Controls (P) Ltd.