DUO Consulting Gains "360 degree view of customers" and grows business after implementing Zoho CRM

Duo is a hand-picked team of experts focused on design, development, and lead generation. Duo utilizes Drupal's open-source technologies to help businesses and organizations create content-rich websites and business platforms that rely on content to attract and inform visitors.


In the early years, Duo was using Salesforce to track information about leads, contacts, accounts, and prospects. As time passed, they wanted to migrate to a more versatile CRM that could accomplish everything their business needed. The main challenge Duo faced was the migration from Salesforce to another CRM.

Zoho CRM has core functionality I can really wrap my head around to use effectively.


After some research, we found Zoho CRM to be the best fit for our company. We started off using Zoho CRM and Zoho Support. The transition was super easy and any issues were addressed immediately with the help of Zoho Support. The user experience with Zoho CRM is so good, we can do all of our daily actions like tracking documents, viewing opportunities in our pipeline, receiving notifications from prospects, logging the calls, and more, all from one place. The mail plugin helped us get information about correspondence with clients or accounts without having to remember to put it in there. "Ultimately, Zoho CRM is the focal point for our business because it helps us to keep everything on track." - Michael Silverman, CEO


Zoho CRM helped Duo to rethink how CRM can be used to fit in their business needs without a difficult learning curve. With Zoho, Duo was able to effectively scale its business. "Zoho CRM is a perfect tool for any mid-sized company" - Michael Silverman, CEO

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