CRM - Raja Selarka

If you have Zoho, you don’t need anything else.

Raja Selarka Owner

About Comet (HK) Ltd

Raja Selarka is the owner of Comet (HK) Ltd, a 15-year-old import-export business. Comet purchases consumer and household goods from China and exports them worldwide.


For 14 years Selarka managed his business with Outlook Express, the free email/contact manager application that comes pre-installed with every copy of the Windows operating system. He wasn’t using any CRM software; he hadn’t ever been exposed to it.

Outside of his own memory and a few scribbled notes, Selarka had nothing to remind him to call and email clients, vendors, and suppliers. When he travelled, he had no resource to look back at his history of communications. All that information was back at his office on his computer.

Apart from Outlook Express, Selarka had not previously considered another way of managing his business contacts. In fact, Selarka admits that he was not even aware of the category of CRM, let alone the benefits a CRM system could provide for his business. That was until he saw Zoho at a friend’s office and realized that a CRM solution was exactly what he wanted.


Selarka looked at several CRM solutions besides Zoho, but the costs were so ludicrously high that he didn’t even bother. It’s understandable that Selarka balked when he first started looking at CRM solutions. For 14 years he had been using a free application to manage business relations.

Zoho CRM’s price didn’t send a shock to Selarka’s bank account. It was at a price he wanted, and he started using it just one year ago. Selarka is a very traditional CRM user. He takes advantage of Zoho CRM’s reminder features, which was his greatest need after leaving Outlook Express.

Given that an import-export business involves endless transactions with numerous suppliers, Selarka loved having contact information and invoicing all in one window, not scattered across multiple applications. In addition, all of Comet’s pricing information is within Zoho. So if he’s out and about and a customer asks about the price of a product, he can just look it up online. He doesn’t need to go back to the office.


Selarka has become a complete convert to Zoho. "If you have Zoho, you don’t need anything else," he said. We appreciate the compliment, but with all the other great tools out there (many of which Zoho integrates with) we can’t take full credit for answering all business problems. But if we’d previously been running our business on Outlook Express we’d agree as well about Zoho.