Sales coaching and training firm switches from Salesforce to Zoho for a more customized and affordable CRM experience.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Anderson Sales Advantage is a three-person company that helps clients develop their sales processes and systems. “We work with people that have to sell, but selling isn’t what they do. They’re not professional sales people,” said company owner Teddy Anderson. “Our goal is to take the dread out of selling.”


When it comes to CRM systems, Anderson Sales Advantage is both a user and an advocate. Anderson has used CRM software for years, including Salesforce. Most of his clients, however, have no CRM experience. In fact, when Anderson focused his business on sales coaching and training, he found that most of his clients had no sales pipeline or lead management. In other words, these clients weren’t just new to CRM software, they were new to CRM as a fundamental business process to support pre- and post-sales activities. “I needed a CRM system that would be easy to set up and easy to train my clients to use, so it had to be easy for them to understand,” said Anderson.

Coaching and training sales teams is easy with Zoho CRM. Integration between Google Apps and Zoho is just icing on the cake.


As both a user and promoter, Anderson appreciates the flexibility of Zoho CRM. The companies and individuals that turn to Anderson Sales Consulting all have different terminologies and ways to track their customers and prospects. The customization features of Zoho CRM make it easy for Anderson to fine tune the service to meet the unique demands of each and every client. The ability to work with clients in real time using Zoho CRM, ensures that Anderson gives them the best possible training and coaching.

“With Zoho CRM, my clients can invite me in to their CRM accounts so we can help manage and train them on how to use the CRM,” said Anderson. “So we’re there from the beginning, helping our clients to set up Zoho CRM, and then we’re actually using it with them as they’re going through training to make sure that they’re developing the system that they need. Without a system, they’re not going to go very far.”

Other features that Anderson Sales Consulting use internally and set up for clients include leads, contacts, accounts, potentials and campaigns. Anderson himself also uses many of the reports and dashboards.


Among other places, Zoho CRM has had a huge impact on the bottom line for Anderson Sales Advantage. “Zoho CRM is free for ten users, so I haven’t had to spend money on the product,” said Anderson. “That’s saving me at least $500 per year compared to when I was using Salesforce. But even the free edition of Zoho CRM offers outstanding flexibility and capabilities. I mean, I’ve worked with Salesforce. I’ve worked with ACT. I’ve tried some others, too, and there’s nothing out there that would make me switch from Zoho.”

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