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Virtual training

Virtual training on Zoho CRM will be an instructor-led program where trainees can see and interact with our expert trainers to study, practice, and master Zoho CRM online.

Why opt for virtual training?

Attend training from anywhere at a convenient time slot for you.

Interact virtually and build a relationship with the trainer and fellow trainees.

Efficient time management.

Online classrooms are the future of training.

Reduce spending on travel and other arrangements, and get trained wherever you are.

Receive a course completion certificate after training, and join our online community with other trainees from around the world.

No more waiting for us to come to your nearest city! We will schedule sessions for a variety of different time zones. Choose your time zone, and register.


1. What is a virtual classroom?
Virtual classrooms for Zoho CRM administrators is a 4 days 7 hours/day, instructor-led, online program, which aims to help CRM administrators set up and run their organization accounts efficiently. In this training program, we'll walk you through the basics of setting up an account on Day 1, moving on to more advanced features such as automation, process management, and module customization towards Day 3. This training is highly recommended, as it includes hands-on sessions, technical demonstrations, and it takes place entirely online. You'll also receive participation certificates and learning materials by the end of the training

Note: Virtual training follows a specific course outline and will not be personalized.

2. What is the difference between online training and virtual classrooms?
3. Will virtual training be personalized for my business or industry?
4. Does the training cost include individual implementation?
5. Can I turn off the video and still be part of the training?
Notify Me when CRM training comes to my city
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