Drive engagement and growth with customer segmentation

Segment your prospects/customers into buckets based on a pre-defined criteria, to identify cross-sell/Up-sell opportunities and execute targeted campaigns to increase engagement, improve retention and deliver better ROI.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Prioritize on your next followups
  • Group records easily around various criteria
  • Personalize your campaigns 

Prioritize your leads better with scoring

Lead scoring lets you prioritize your prospects by assigning them scores based on the criteria you define. If you feel that leads from a specific industry need to be your focus or if a specific tradeshow holds more value, you can assign a higher score to the leads that match this criteria, allowing you to prioritize your efforts.

Find the right records with ease using tags

Make segmenting and searching for customer records more efficient, through keyword tagging. Mark records with various keywords that indicate the source of the lead, the industry, or any custom segmentation criteria you prefer to use which makes it easier for you to group and identify records belonging to a common tag.

Territory Management for focused selling

Organize your sales team to engage customers based on geography, product lines or any custom territory you define. Share accounts, allocated resources, set targets and exceed sales, all the while delivering excellent service.