Experience-led Growth

What is Experience-led Growth?

Experience-led Growth (XLG) is a method of growth leadership that focuses on optimizing for the quality of experiences and the achievement of actual customer outcomes. XLG strives to bring together the organization and its ecosystem to conceptualize, create, orchestrate, deliver, and evolve experiences as the primary offering. It prioritizes emotions, experiences, and outcomes, over engagement alone. It also establishes technology as the core driver of organizational and customer success.

It is governed by the XLG manifesto found below.

The XLG Manifesto

  • Focus on the experience, not just the product or the service.
  • Respect every stakeholder, not just the customer.
  • Know, understand, and evolve alongside customer expectations.
  • Measure what matters to the customer first.
  • Develop a one-team employee experience.
  • Make technology the primary driver, and not an afterthought.
  • Build a culture of experience and outcome ownership, not just customer centricity.
  • Simplify entry, expansion, and exit for every stakeholder.
  • Strive for consistency and reliability of the experience at scale.
  • Prioritize trust, emotions, experience, and outcomes over everything else.