Unified administration and setup

Setting up your CRM, customer service, project management, and other customer-facing tools can be tedious and time-consuming; you have to access each tool separately, as well as integrate and manage the data flow between them. With Zoho CRM Plus, however, you can easily set up and manage all your tools from one interface.

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Why choose Zoho CRM Plus for unified administration?

  • Easy tool and user management
  • Centralized configuration
  • Enhanced security
  • Simple billing
  • Easy tool and user management

    With CRM Plus, you can manage all your tools—as well as the teams that use them—from one central location. Use a unified admin panel to manage the roles and permissions of all your team members effortlessly.

  • Centralized configuration

    CRM Plus provides a centralized setup panel from which you can configure all your customer-facing tools without having to manage the setup of each tool separately.

  • Enhanced security

    Protect your sensitive data with better control over who can access your tools, and reduce the risk of data breaches.

  • Simple billing

    You don't have to manage multiple bills and billing cycles for each of your tools. With CRM Plus, you pay for one holistic platform. The centralized subscription panel enables you to manage your billing—as well as all your add-ons—from one place.

A pre-integrated offering that's ready to use from day one

Zoho CRM Plus is a pre-integrated platform that combines multiple sales, marketing, and service tools into one package. For this reason, the platform comes at a low total cost of ownership. Its single sign-on technology means you don't have to log in to each tool separately; you log in once and can instantly access every tools on the platform.

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Manage account details easily with a unified user panel

With CRM Plus's central user panel, administrators can easily manage portals and subscription details from one place. Your customer service agents can also manage their tickets and live chat channel statuses here, as well as mark themselves as online, offline, or busy, so that incoming tickets and customer chat requests can be assigned accordingly.

Centralized admin panel to manage your account details
  • The Zoho CRM Plus difference

  • One user experience for all your teams

    Using multiple applications from different vendors demands that you learn and adapt to the unique user interface and user experience of each application. This is a big disadvantage when you onboard new teams, as it steepens the learning curve. With CRM Plus, all your teams use just one easily navigable tool that offers one experience.

  • Easy onboarding

    It's easy to get started with Zoho CRM Plus. You don't need technical expertise or coding knowledge to get up and running with its tools. Learn how to use the platform via the wide range of resources available in our knowledgebase, like help documents, videos, and webinars. Moreover, our implementation time is 50% lower than the industry average.

  • Enhanced flexibility to manage your teams

    CRM Plus provides you with the flexibility to operate your teams independently at ground level, while unifying all tools and processes at an organizational level. Not all team members will need access to every module across every tool. Manage your users' roles and permissions, as well as their access to different services, from the central admin panel. This ensures that they aren't all bombarded with irrelevant notifications and that restricted information is safeguarded.

Find customer information effortlessly with CRM Plus's unified search panel

When you have a large amount of customer data in your database, it can be difficult to locate the right information when you need it. With CRM Plus's unified search interface, you can quickly find the information you need. Simply enter the customer's name, email address, or a relevant term linked to the customer account, and CRM Plus will search the records across all tools and return the results in seconds.

Find customer information easily with unified search
All your customer-facing tools in one place

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