Zoho CRM Plus for travel and hospitality

Book more guests, schedule events, roster your entire staff, and build deeper relationships with guests, groups, and corporate clients. With flexible booking systems, personalized services, targeted promotions, and secure data management, Zoho CRM Plus is the one tool to streamline operations and provide exceptional experiences to your guests.

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Why choose Zoho CRM Plus for your hospitality business?

360-degree guest view360-degree guest view

Provide anticipatory services by knowing guests' preferences like room temperature, favorite meal, or even the type of pillow they prefer—all at your fingertips.

Guest relationship nurturingGuest relationship nurturing

Keep track of your guests' special occasions, and past interactions. Offer a warm, personalized welcome every time a guest returns, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Enhance data securityEnhance data security

Protect sensitive guest information and ensure compliance with data regulations.

Streamline guest feedback managementStreamline guest feedback management

Collect, analyze, and act upon guest feedback to drive continuous improvement.

Flexible booking systems for better user experiences

Empower your guests and vendors with convenient self-service portals, allowing them to access, edit, or simply view their booking information at their convenience. Through these portals, guests can manage their details, while any updates they make are automatically synchronized and reflected in your CRM system. Ensure accuracy and save time for both guests and your staff.

Flexible booking system Flexible booking system Flexible booking system Flexible booking system

Proactive and personalized engagement through segmentation and RFM

Assess guests based on their recency, frequency, and monetary values. Segment your guests into different groups, understand their characteristics based on specific metrics, and engage with them through personalized communication. Assigning a score ranging from one to five for different levels of the RFM metric helps create different labels, enabling customer-facing teams to grasp the customers' positions and take appropriate actions.

360 degree customer view
Pierre Honne

Since working with Zoho, they have always been responsive to our requests for additional custom features that are not commonly used and have shown a high level of support even within tight time frames. This allows our commercial teams to focus their time on collaborating with our partners and the operations team to set up new partnership requests efficiently.

Pierre Honne

Pierre HonneDirector - Partnerships Innovation, Strategic Partnerships of Agoda

Aqua Expeditions

We've been using the Zoho Customer Experience Platform for over 2 years now and we couldn't have asked for anything better. Zoho has constantly improved its user experiences and functionalities that is helping businesses like ours deliver better experiences to our customers. Zia's conversational abilities and intelligence to assist our customer-facing teams all along the customer journey is what we love the most.

Hanh Nguyen

Hanh NguyenDigital Marketing Manager, Aqua Expeditions


Record important guest information in one place

To provide personalized and tailored services, record and access important guest profile information. This includes dietary requirements, accommodation preferences, special requests, conversations with support, and emails sent to them. By proactively preparing for guest needs ahead of time, you can ensure a stress-free experience for your staff, leading to happier guests.

Proactive enagement

Next-level client communications

Streamline customer support and communications by automating updates for guests regarding their booking status. Provide timely information about check-in time slots, deposit payments, and room upgrades, keeping guests informed and engaged throughout their stay. Leverage different channels like telephony, social media, live chat, and email to cater to guests' preferred communication methods. Guests can reach out and receive assistance on their preferred channel, making communication convenient.

Advanced client communication
Advanced client communication
Advanced client communication Advanced client communication Advanced client communication Advanced client communication

Gain insights with detailed reports and customizable dashboards

Create detailed reports and customizable dashboards for different aspects of your business, like social media engagement, email campaign performance, project status, CRM dashboards, and much more. With our library of over 300 prebuilt dashboards, you can blend data from multiple sources to create a unified view across your marketing, sales, and support teams. Leverage collaborative analytics and utilize the power of Zia, our AI-powered assistant, to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Extensive reports Extensive reports

Secure data management

Store and protect sensitive details of your customers and suppliers in one secure place. Zoho CRM Plus ensures data privacy and compliance with regulations, safeguarding customer information and maintaining trust. By having centralized and secure data management, access guest information quickly, and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

Privacy and data management

Get ready to deliver superior customer experiences.

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