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Managing Organization Details

The Admin Panel in Zoho CRM Plus consists of the Organization, Applications, Users, and Subscription tabs. The tabs are on the left side of the page when you access the Admin Panel. By default, the Users tab is selected and the Users page is displayed on the right.

If you are assigned the role of Owner in Zoho CRM Plus, you can click the Organization tab in the Admin Panel to manage your organization's information from the Organization page.

The company, contact, owner, address, and regional information are displayed on this page. A Zoho CRM Plus owner can modify the organization details as needed.

The sections below will help you to learn how to access the Organization page, update company; contact; regional; and address information, change owner and portal URL, upload your company's logo, and manage your subscription.

The following table describes some of the important fields in the Organization page.

Field Name

Field Description

Portal URL

A unique URL to access your organization's CRM Plus account.

Time Zone

The time zone your organization operates in. You can change the time zone if required.


Your organization's primary language. You can change the primary language if required.

Access the Organization Page

To access the Organization page:

  1. Access the Admin Panel. The Users page is displayed with the Users tab selected by default.
  2. Click the Organization tab () to access the Organization page.
  3. Update your company, contact information, address, and regional details. You can also change the organization's owner, company logo, or portal URL. This page can also be used to manage your Zoho CRM Plus subscription. For more information on managing your subscription, see Subscription Management.

Upload Company Logo

To upload a company logo:

  1. Click the company logo in the Organization page.
  2. Browse and select the new logo you want to upload.
  3. The selected logo will be displayed.

Change the Portal URL

To change the portal URL:

  1. In the Organization page, click the Edit icon () next to PORTAL URL. The portal URL will appear.
  2. Enter the new portal name. If the portal is available, a tick mark will appear.
  3. Click Done.

Change Organization Owner

To change the organization owner:

  1. In the Organization page, navigate to the Owner Information section and click Change Owner.
  2. The Change Owner pop-up window will open.
  3. Enter the owner's name or email address in the text box. A dropdown will appear, displaying any matching user names with their email address.
  4. Select the new owner's name. The name and email address will be displayed in the text box.
  5. Click Change Owner.
  6. The Owner name will be updated.

Note: If the name or email address you have entered is not associated with a user in CRM Plus, you will receive a message that the user does not exist. You need to select an active and confirmed user from your CRM Plus account as the Owner.

Update Company, Contact, Address, and Regional Information

To update your company, contact, address, and regional information​:

  1. Click Edit in the Organization page of the Admin Panel. You will see the Edit Organization Details pop-up window.
  2. Change the company name if required and make any other necessary changes to the fields.
  3. Click Update.


  • If you have not entered your company's website address, you can click the +Add website link below the company name in the Organization page. The Edit Organization Details pop-up window will open with the website field highlighted. Enter the website address and click Update.
  • You can also click the +Add address, +Add mobile, +Add phone, and +Add fax links in the Organization page to enter your address, mobile, phone, and fax number in the Edit Organization Details pop-up window. Click Update to save the details you entered.

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