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Assigning Users to Applications and Changing Application Owners

Click the Applications tab () to access the Applications page in order to view the owners of the specific Zoho CRM Plus applications and the number of active users in each application.

From this page, you can assign users to an application, view the list of active users assigned to each application, and change the owner of an application.

Note: You can change the owner of an application only if you are an Application Owner, CRM Plus Administrator, or a CRM Plus Owner.

Assign Users to an Application

To assign users to an application:

  1. In the Applications page, hover the cursor over an application name and click +Add User.

    The Add User pop-up window will appear with the fields for the application selected. For example, if you click the +Add User link corresponding to CRM, the Add User pop-up window for adding users to CRM will be displayed.
  2. Enter the email address of users you want to add in the text box and fill in the required application fields.
  3. Click Add User. The users will be assigned to the application.


  • You can only assign one role and profile for all the users in a particular application in the Add User pop-up window.
  • If you try to enter the email address of a new user in the Add User pop-up window, you will see the New User button displayed in the dropdown. Enter the email address and click this button to add the user to the application.

View Active Users Assigned to an Application

To view the list of active users assigned to an application:

Click the application name displayed below the NAME column or the number displayed below the ACTIVE USERS column corresponding to an application name in the Applications page.

The Users page will be displayed with the list of users assigned to that application.

Change the Owner of an Application

To change the owner of an application:

  1. In the Applications page, hover the cursor over an application name and click Change Owner. For example, if you want to change the owner of CRM, hover the cursor over CRM and click Change Owner corresponding to the CRM application.
  2. The Change Owner pop-up window of the respective application will open.
  3. Enter the owner's name or email address in the text box. A dropdown will appear, displaying any matching user names with their email address.
  4. Select the new owner's name. The name and email address will be displayed in the text box.
  5. Click Change Owner.
  6. The owner name will be updated.

Note: If the name or email address you have entered is not associated with a user in CRM Plus, you will receive a message that the user does not exist. You need to select an active and confirmed user from your CRM Plus account as the Application Owner.

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