Omnichannel engagement with complete customer context

Zoho CRM Plus provides you the convenience of having all your teams and the channels your customers use to interact with your business, such as phone, email, live chat, surveys, and social media, in one place, so you can view and respond to all interactions and maintain continuity across every channel, regardless of the mode of engagement.

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Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Why choose Zoho CRM Plus for your omnichannel engagement?

  • Omnichannel engagement
  • Unified customer signals
  • Unified teams
  • Unified interface
  • Omnichannel engagement

    Connect all your customer-facing channels to CRM Plus and manage them from one screen. Create and send email campaigns, make calls, engage with your audience across different social media channels, send surveys, and more.

  • Unified customer signals

    Stay informed about customer interactions in real-time across sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as all third-party apps integrated with CRM Plus and act on them instantly from a unified panel.

  • Unified teams

    Unify your customer-facing teams in one place so they can work together and collaborate on campaigns. Use that cross-functional visibility to improve your campaign performance.

  • Unified interface

    Manage all your sales, marketing, and customer service tools in a single account. Import your teams and data, manage their access, and take care of all your customer-facing efforts from one platform.

Create and send powerful email campaigns

Personalize every email message you send by choosing from a wide range of pre-built templates and using merge tags and dynamic content. With CRM Plus's powerful email marketing tools, you can create efficient email workflows to nurture your subscribers through a series of emails and send out messages at the optimal open times. You can even customize your workflows to respond to your email replies and push active contacts to your CRM.

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Email Workflow

Provide the best customer service across every channel

Zoho CRM Plus's omnichannel help desk enables you to track and respond to customer conversations across channels, such as phone, email, live chat, social media, telephone, and survey responses. Categorize tickets based on priority and view and respond to customer tickets from a single, universal inbox. View relevant customer context for incoming tickets, such as ticket history, so your customers don't have to repeat themselves.

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Sort customer tickets

Reach out to your audience on multiple social channels

Connect and engage with your audience on different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Google My Business, and Youtube. Whether you receive a mention from a prospect or post a new campaign, use our powerful social publishing and messaging tools to create meaningful interactions. You can schedule posts, create a content pipeline, and plan all your social media engagement.

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Social Publishing

Leverage WhatsApp for your sales and service communications

Connect your WhatsApp business account to CRM Plus and start managing all your conversations from one place. Create canned responses for frequently asked questions and have your team answer questions directly from CRM Plus. Share documents, take notes for your sales team to follow up on, and keep the conversations going. Through instant messaging in Zoho Desk, you can connect to popular customer engagement channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and WeChat, and take your service communications there.

Add WhatsApp as an additional service channel

Get notified on customer interactions through unified signals

When a prospect opens your email campaign, mentions your company on social media, or has responded to your survey, you're instantly notified through SalesSignals. SalesSignals provides you all relevant context related to a notification so you can instantly engage with the customer from the SalesSignal panel.

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Unified Signals

Provide engaging website experiences for every visitor

Proactively engage with website visitors and assist them online. Geo-locate your visitors, score them based on metrics such as time spent on your site and pages visited, and assist them through audio call and screen share features. With a single click, you can easily convert chats into leads for your sales team to follow up or into tickets for your service team to address.

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Website Live Chat

Make and track calls directly from CRM Plus

Connect your PBX systems with Zoho CRM Plus and let your customer-facing teams place, receive, transfer, and record calls from within the platform. CRM Plus connects to over 140 telephony providers and enables you to make calls with the click of a button. You can set up reminders for upcoming and missed calls, auto-log calls, and use call analytics to measure your sales team's performance.

Unified Telephony

Create surveys that gather more responses

Gather customer feedback and improve your business performance with surveys. Design the best survey with over 250 built-in templates and drag-and-drop questions, share them on social media or embed them onto your website, and obtain instant feedback to improve your customer experience efforts.

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Build Surveys

True unification in every sense


Change a ticket's priority right from your CRM. Your salespeople can change the ticket priority to high for high value customers.

Live Chat

View contextual customer details from CRM, Desk, and Campaigns for every live chat interaction.


View contextual customer information while talking to a prospect, such as past email conversations, social media interactions, tickets raised, and more.


Convert positive survey responses as leads in your CRM and negative replies as tickets for your customer service team.

Social media

Easily convert a Twitter post as a lead or contact to your CRM or add it as a ticket for your customer service team to assist.


Track whether your website visitor arrived via a specific marketing campaign.

Third party apps

Integrate apps you use everyday with Zoho CRM Plus. If you use MailChimp for marketing, SurveySparrow for surveys, or other similar apps, you can easily integrate them from among 500+ extensions in our Marketplace.

Support tickets

View important customer details from your CRM for all your tickets, like the deal name, deal size, assigned account manager, and more.

All your customer-facing tools in one place

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