Measure and improve.

Measure the impact your marketing activities have on customer acquisition. Empower your marketing team with better visibility into how ad spend relates to revenue. Improve your customer retention with feedback from customer satisfaction surveys.

Campaign with Google Adwords.

You can finally stop juggling between two apps. Zoho CRM Plus gets investment information and offline conversion data from AdWords. Now, anyone using Zoho and AdWords can measure a customer's journey from click to conversion.

Strategize through advanced CRM analytics.

As an organization, you often have to deal with a large volume of analytics and information that needs to be tracked. If such data is not analyzed you can miss out on a number of insights and opportunities. Zoho CRM Plus includes business intelligence tools to generate insightful reports and beautiful dashboards based on big data.

Build beautiful dashboards.

Use a variety of components such as charts, pivot tables, and tabular view components to visually analyze your data and build insightful reports and dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Utilize your data anywhere.

Upload data from spreadsheets and flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files and more. You can also feed data from online storage services like Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or even a web URL.

Build key metrics.

Simple to use, click & apply pre-built analytical functions. Excel-like easy to use formula engine, with an extensive library of mathematical & statistical functions to extract the required business metrics from your data.

Create insightful customer surveys.

Your business is going great, but something tells you that it could be even better. So you do your homework and crunch data from marketing reports, expense tracking, Google analytics and so on. All these reports tell you what works and what does not and whether or not your targets make sense. This information is great, but you're missing a key piece of the puzzle : feedback from your clients. Whether its a simple user poll or a complex market research program, Zoho CRM Plus has you covered. Create surveys of any kind in minutes using templates or customize your own survey.

Intelligent surveys in minutes.

Boring surveys give you boring results. Introduce a conversational tone to your surveys and upgrade them to a personal level. Use customer responses from previous questions, enable branching conditions, and even choose to notify the user through mail after the end of the survey to bring your surveys to life.

Social media integration.

Online communities like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus could contain the audience whose feedback is vital in acquiring business intelligence. Share your surveys to online communities and find out what your target audience prefer. Embed surveys and reports on multiple social media channels and track them all from one place.

Advanced reporting.

Stuck in a rut and need a collaborative decision to take your opinion forward? Allow your domain experts to access specific data that is relevant to them. Drill down deep into your data using advanced reporting features like crosstabulation, filters, etc.