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  • Case Study

    Zoho CRM Plus helps Agoda’s Strategic Partnerships team manage workflows and communicate with partners.

    Pierre HonneDirector - Partnerships Innovation, Strategic Partnerships of Agoda
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  • testimonial

    We've been using the Zoho Customer Experience Platform for over 2 years now and we couldn't have asked for anything better. Zoho has constantly improved its user experiences and functionalities that is helping businesses like ours deliver better experiences to our customers. Zia's conversational abilities and intelligence to assist our customer-facing teams all along the customer journey is what we love the most.

    Hanh NguyenDigital Marketing Manager, Aqua Expeditions
  • video

    We recently opened up a national branch, so for about a year we have been using two CRM Plus accounts, and it's really been able to help us track the difference between both companies, and the progress, and everything.

    Jessica EbraNational Manager, PaveCo
    Jessica Ebra | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • I've been working with Zoho CRM end users for several years. Recently I was delighted to help a large sports clothing manufacturer in Georgia save over $100,000 a year by switching from Salesforce to Zoho CRMPlus.

    Michael Trow (Zoho Advanced Partner)President, Alderbest Solutions
  • I'd recommend Zoho CRM. Perhaps you can look into Zoho CRM Plus suite where it has Zoho Campaigns- Great tool for email marketing campaigns. I felt it was better than Mailchimp.

    Masrur Ashraf (Zoho Premium Partner)Business Development Manager, Oscillosoft
  • The new features of Zoho CRM Plus makes it a Zo Brainer.

    Michael Mckenna (Zoho Authorized Partner)Digital Business Transformation Consultant, SmartCloud
  • Video

    We are Elite CX Solutions, a Tampa, Florida based customer experience management firm. We started using Zoho about five or six years ago. Now it's CRM Plus—we've signed up for that about three to four months ago. It has actually become an integral, core piece of our business, not only internally but also in support of our customers.

    David Hartley CEO, Elite CX Solutions
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  • Video

    This software is capable of doing so much that I have only begun to scratch the surface after what we learned.

    Ralph George President, Specialty Automotive Treatments
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  • Testimonial

    Salesforce is a nightmare to setup. Zoho is 100x easier to setup and use.

    Mark KosierFounder, Cyber Merced
  • Video

    I was kind of dreading this, I have been a Salesforce user for about 15 years. The decision to migrate all over to Zoho CRM Plus was way above my head. But having been here for the last two days, I couldn't be more excited. This is going to be even better experience than what we had with Salesforce.

    JD DevineVP Sales, Atlantic Tactical
    JD Devine | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • Testimonial

    We upgraded at the beginning of quarantine to CRM Plus. Comes w/ the crm, #socialmedia mgmt, campaigns, surveys, project assignments, work flow charts, surveys, etc. Each part integrates with the others so I get the bigger picture of who's engaging w/ what.

    Tom & Angela BalsamoPublishers, Coffee News
  • Video

    We implemented Zoho CRM Plus about a year and a half ago, and have worked with some consultants figuring out how to implement it, and this Zoho CX workshop has been great after we have been using it now for a while. We learned how to automate processes that we have been having to do manually. So, we're looking at functions that we can take from three or four people, and now, use CRM to automate it. So, we're very excited to go back and implement them.

    David TowleBusiness Development Manager, AirPro Fan and Blower Company
    David Towle | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • Video

    I use Zoho CRM Plus primarily to keep track of all the potential clients and the clients I have made sales to. In the past, I used Act! and previously, I used Salesforce. When I got rid of Act!, I could have gone to Salesforce, but when I looked at Zoho, it was an easy decision.

    Norman FinkOwner, NPF Consultants LLC
    Norman Fink | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    The benefits to the entire system are substantial. The Zoho CX workshop was extremely beneficial. We have learned a lot of methods to implement and strategies. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Oliver ColonMarketing Director, Eugene Matthews Inc
    Oliver Colon | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    The Zoho CX workshop was really great. I've got a lot of really good tips and tricks to pass along to all of our clients.

    Drew Hackney (Zoho Premium Partner)Cloud Training Specialist, Cloudbakers
    Drew Hackney | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • Video

    Highly recommend these Zoho CX workshops, they are beneficial to partners, they are also beneficial to the end-users, and getting to mix partners with end-users always helps as well.

    Danielle Major (Zoho Premium Partner)Owner, KI Consultants
    Danielle Major | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • CRM Plus is the best example 'customer first approach'. The bundle is so unique and complete in itself that its almost the first thing people should buy when they start a new business. Many congratulations to the whole team.

    Vishal Datt Wadhwa (Zoho Authorized Partner)Founder, ThinkWP labs
  • video

    Premier Italian Hotelier Implements Zoho CRM Plus To Scale Across The Country.

    Andrea PetriCRM Project Leader & Cluster Sales Manager, Premier Italian Hotelie
    Andrea Petri | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    The product just keeps getting better. I call it 'Kaizen'. There is just always improvements. Every time I log in something gets better about Zoho. I love working with the product.

    Dean Schwartz (Zoho Authorized Partner)Marketing Director, Solution Dean
    Dean Schwartz | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    I have been using Zoho CRM Plus for almost about a year. I use it for contacting my customers and posting social media posts. Now, I am trying to expand using different features of CRM Plus.

    Subbarayan PochiDirector, Full Potential Learning Academy
    Subbarayan Pochi | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    We just migrated over to Zoho CRM and were told about this Zoho CX workshop. We thought they were just gonna tell us a little bit of how to use the CRM better, and then we learned about CRM Plus. Wow. What an incredibly powerful tool, something that I think we are going to be able to utilize throughout our organization.

    Jeff DicksonVice President Marketing, Harling Masonry Restoration
    eff Dickson | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    I came to this Zoho CX workshop not really knowing what to expect, and I was very pleasantly surprised. I came away having a better understanding of the CRM—which is what I have been working on mostly—and then having a better understanding of the other Zoho applications and how I can apply them to my business.

    Carolina WilliamsDirector of Outreach, On Course
    Carolina Williams | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • video

    I have been using Zoho One for the past twelve months or so. I'm a huge advocate of this platform. The Zoho CX Workshop was super-informative. I look forward to implementing all these new great things: Blueprints, Workflows, and Process Automation.

    Stephanie MaddenDigital and Operational Transformation Engineer, Multiplying Good
    Stephanie Madden | Zoho CRMPLUS CustomerPLAY
  • Very interesting upgrades to Zoho Desk in Blueprinting multi-departmental customer handling. The Banks need this!

    Peter CoyPresident, Prodigm Inc