Access a 360-degree customer view, and deliver frictionless experiences

When you are working on a customer ticket, it's helpful to have ready access to the customer's sales information, along with any of their past communications and ticket history. When you are on the verge of closing a high-value deal, you need access to the prospect's information, other open potentials they're evaluating, and any social media interactions have they had with your brand. But more often than not, it's a struggle to find crucial information when we need it—and that can make or break your customer experience.

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Zoho CRM Plus provides you with an end-to-end picture of all your customers through their different journeys across marketing, sales, operations, and customer service. All your customer-facing teams will get reliable access to crucial customer information without having to spend extra time and energy to find it.

Powered with real-time notifications

Access real-time notifications across every point of your customer journey, no matter which part of the platform you are on. Whether a customer has opened your email, raised a support ticket, liked your social page, sent you a message, answered your survey, or given you a call, SalesSignals keeps you up-to-date on every customer interaction.

Real-time notifications across every point of the customer journey and about crucial customer information.

A true multichannel, 360-degree experience

Reach out to your prospects across email, telephone, social media, and live chat, and allow them to talk to you on the channel of their choice. Zoho CRM Plus is truly multichannel, helping you keep your customer information centralized.


Connect your email client to Zoho CRM Plus.


Make and receive telephone calls from within the platform.

Social Media

Manage all your social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google MyBusiness, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Online Meetings

Run and manage webinars and online meetings.

Customer surveys

Send customer surveys.

Live chat

Incoporate live chat on your website.


Leverage your community.


Make your own client portals to include your customers in your processes.

Find everything you want to know about your customers—literally!

Zoho CRM Plus provides you with a single source of truth about your customer information. Access customer information like marketing sources, website history, engagement information, email campaigns, customer-specific notes, phone calls, and survey history.

360-degree view - customer information 360-degree view - zoho desk information 360-degree view - contributed compaigns information 360-degree view - open activities information 360-degree view - open activities information 360-degree view - contributed compaigns information 360-degree view - stage history information

Connected ecosystem

The first step towards a 360-degree customer view is to connect all your customer-facing teams. Zoho CRM Plus brings together powerful components that cater to your customer-facing teams, enabling a seamless flow of customer information from marketing, sales, and support.

Marketing live chats

Access helpful CRM information like the assigned account manager and past support conversations while talking to your website live chats. You can also add chats from prospects as leads to your CRM.

Sales calls

View other potentials of the prospect you are speaking to within your CRM. Find the emails that your prospect has received and view replies, social media interactions, notes attached, and more in a single view.

Support tickets

Ready access to CRM information like deal value, assigned sales reps, past communications, ticket history, and happiness ratings while you are dealing with an important customer ticket.

Global Search

On your customer journey, you may find yourself in need of customer information from different touchpoints. CRM Plus comes with a master global search option that will allow you to pull in customer information from your sales, marketing, social media, or service touchpoints.

Bring together all your customer-facing teams and ensure a smooth flow of customer information from one team to another.

Enriched data with built-in AI

It's always important to maintain the right customer information, and Zoho CRM Plus can help. Zia checks pages from across the internet to get you additional information about your prospects or customers, like phone number, address, company size, and more. This data can help you close more deals and maintain lasting business relationships.

Global search helps you get customer information at any point in time, without having to spend too much time and energy.
Maintain clean and right information in your system with Zia's ability to enrich your data, like phone number, address and more.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Keep your customers at the center of everything you do!

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