Achieve faster sales cycles with customized quotes

Pre-configure product rules and dynamic pricing in your CRM system to create accurate bespoke quotes quickly. Including a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution within your CRM enables your salespeople to drive efficiency in the sales process and create a seamless purchase experience. (Note: This feature is in Early Access mode)

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you

  • Build a comprehensive sales cycle, from lead capturing to sending sales quotes.
  • Establish trust and increase sales with accurate, consistent quotes.
  • Reduce risk of misinformation and errors during quote creation.
  • Accelerate the quote creation process and save time.
  • Increase efficiency, which further promotes growth in revenue.

Why is CPQ required?

From categorizing product bundles to calculating discounts and taxes, quote calculation is undoubtedly challenging. Relying on manual effort and outdated legacy systems only leads to more errors and undue delays, resulting in a poor customer experience. Simplify your quote management and achieve higher close rates with CPQ in Zoho CRM.

Streamlined inventory and quote management within CRM

The native inventory modules in Zoho CRM include: Products, Quotes, Sales Order, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. Their built-in inventory management functions allow you to generate invoices, monitor product movements, and collaborate with vendors and partners easily. With the addition of CPQ, you can instantly share quotes with customers using custom templates and keep track of all transactions in one place. Expedite your quote management and build a more personalized purchase journey for your customers.

Quoted line item automation

Zoho CRM's CPQ tool enables you to configure automation at the line-item level. It offers a detailed tabular presentation of the line items added, quantity selected, and calculation of the list price and applicable discounts.

CPQ table automation

Automated product additions
and suggestions

Pre-defined product rules automatically add complementary products to quotes and trigger product suggestions that are ideal for cross-selling or upselling.

CPQ product addition

Variable pricing and
discount calculation

The CPQ system quickly calculates list prices and applicable discounts according to the product selected and quantity entered in Zoho CRM.

CPQ variable pricing

Customize quotes based on
multiple criteria

You can set multiple criteria with various modules to qualify product rules in CPQ. Select the products, define the criteria, and set automated actions to add or suggest products.

CPQ criteria settings

Quotes dashboard with pre-built KPIs

Review your quote management KPIs—like stalled quotes, quote stages, quotes closing soon, and quotes modified—all in a single dashboard. Track their progress consistently and never let a prospect slip away.

CPQ quotes dashboard