Tracy Caywood

904 242-6629

About Property M.O.B.

The Property M.O.B. provides information and training to real estate investors Nationwide, specifically organization and outsourcing techniques. We have developed a customized version to a specific niche, and offer it along with additional training.
    Address : 413 10th Av S, 32250, FL, USA
    CRM Experience : 6 years of CRM experience, 40 Zoho CRM deployments
    Solutions : Zoho CRM for real estate investors.
    Services : CRM Customization, Implementation, and Training.
    Zoho Partner Since : May 2013

    Customer Testimonials

    I have been investing in real estate for 15-years full time. I have purchased too many crm's to list: Freedomsoft, Realflow, Top producer, InfusionSoft, the list goes on & on. I spent spent thousands of dollars, and have wasted days being very frustrated not being able to find a crm that does what is was meant to do. Then I found Tracy with the Zoho one click. Here is the deal, Zoho is probably the best written software, however Tracy has taken it to the next level in customizing for our real estate investment business. I have finally taken Zoho thru the paces and really find my self excited on what it can do, and I haven't even hit the pedal to the metal yet.

    David Drewett,

    Z1 Home Buyers

    I have used a few different CRM's in my wholesaling business and this customized version of ZOHO is by far my favorite. I'm hooked at this point and am not looking to switch to anything else anytime soon.

    Thomas Clark,

    CTK Holdings Inc.