Phil Westerby-Jones

+44 7720 294494

About Little Blue Ltd

Little Blue enables Business Owners, Directors and Managers to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business. We analyse, design, build and help to Implement affordable cloud based business tools that hit the ground running and begin paying back immediately. We run, manage and facilitate the whole cycle of business need definition and resolution from soup to nuts, from the initial problem and need definition, through to the implementation and communication of the solution and the ongoing continual fine-tuning and improvement. We specialise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) including Zoho, Sandsiv, and . We deliver integration and consolidation of business and social media intelligence and communications, creating "One Look" 360° views of customer and stakeholder information to empower effective and compelling relationships.

Third-party Integrations

  • Force24 (REST)
  • Green Deal Express Surveys (SOAP)
Address : 26-28 New Road Side, Rawdon LEEDS LS19 6HN
CRM Experience : 5 years
Services : Expert in ZCRM features, design and Deluge design and programming. Also Zoho Creator, Campaigns, Support etc
Zoho Partner Since : Oct 2013

Customer Testimonials

Having shopped around to find the best CRM product for our growing company we were very aware of the need to design something that not only met today’s business needs but our future aspirations. But whilst there are some good Zoho tutorials online it was difficult to use them to model our own requirements. We invested in half a day of Phil’s time and it was money well spent. By the end of the session we understood the core building blocks within Zoho and how we could make them work for us. The session was crammed with tangible information that brought the system alive for us and we are now confident that we can build a CRM system for today and the future. Phil’s level of knowledge and enthusiasm were infectious and I find myself excited about where Zoho can take us.

I found Phil and Little Blue completely by accident when trying to navigate the Zoho / Salesforce minefield. What initially drew me to them was the fact that they consult on both Salesforce & Zoho which was important to me as i was still undecided between which product to go for and felt their dual ability would make them more impartial than the other single product firms i came across. And i genuinely couldn’t have asked for a more like minded, commercial and knowledegable CRM partner. Having understood our needs immediately, Phil implemented the most cost effective solution in a very short period of time and after working closely with us over the 1st few weeks has now ‘taught us to fish’ and be largely self sufficient - a concept i am sure he shares with all his prospects and customers! Thoroughly and genuinely recommended