Danielle Major



About Ki Consultants

We are a Zoho CRM consultants specializing in Integrated CRM Solutions that drive new revenue. We assist with converting your current database into and elegant Zoho CRM solution. We work with Sales and Marketing teams to increase their efficiency with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns, thus winning more deals and increasing the bottom line.

Third-party Integrations

  • Ringio Hosted Telephone
  • MS Outlook/Office 365 plugin
  • Gmail
  • Google Apps
  • ZCampaigns
  • ZProjects
  • ZSupport
  • ZSurvey
  • ZMail
  • ZDocs
Address : PO Box 970843 Boca Raton, Fl 33428
CRM Experience : 14 years
Zoho Partner Since : Jan 2014
Solutions : Office 365, Zoho Project, Zoho Support, Google and Ringo hosted PBX integrations

Customer Testimonials

We have been working with Danielle and her team for years. We have purchased ACT and Zoho products from them numerous times and have relied on them for ongoing support. Their recommendations were right on and the products work great. More importantly the support has been timely and excellent! We would recommend Ki Consultants for any of your CRM needs.

Vic Ronder,

Physicians RX

I am so happy that I was referred to Ki Consultants. Their crm support is the best I've ever experienced. I highly recommend them.


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