Sandor Lelekacs

+36 1 633-3200

About GlobalTeleCom

My company GlobalTeleCom is the partner of 3CX and ZOHO. Beside license sale I work as CRM consultant sometimes with other consultants. Currently I am working on including Google Apps into the portfolio. In this way we will provide CRM solutions with Google Apps soon. Our target group is micro-prises which prefer to use CRM as organization and workflow managment system than sales tool.

Third-party Integrations

  • 3CX
  • Zoho CRM
Address : Molnar u. 53 Budapest, H-1056 Hungary
CRM Experience : 10 Years
Solutions : Workflow Management for micro-prises
Services : CRM Consulting, Integration, Implementation
Zoho Partner Since : September 2008

Customer Testimonials

We are in coupon business. Previously our 18 sales persons used Highrise CRM. Although at the begining ZOHO CRM seemed to be a bit complicated we decided to change because of its customization and formula fields. We made the customization with Sandor together and in that way we can handle and analyze much more information.

Zsuzsanna Harmath,

A Herbalife MLM rendszer számára kerestem olyan kész, de tovább alakítható IT támogatói rendszert, amely az MLM struktúrát is képes lekövetni. Erre a célra végül a Zoho CRM-et választottuk, aminek nem szokványos kialakításához Sándor nyújtott nagyon értékes segítséget. For Herbalife I was looking for an IT support system which is able to handle MLM structures. Finally I decided for ZOHO CRM. For its unusual customization Sandor provided valuable help.

Botond Csaky,