Orchestrate personalized customer experiences at each step of their journey

Use Path Finder to understand how customers interact with your brand, visualize their journeys with intuitive maps, filter journeys based on customer criteria, and identify common paths among various demographics.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you:

  • Connect cross-channel interactions and discover your customers' journeys.
  • Get insights into each of your customer personas and segments.
  • Optimize your processes by understanding what your customers need at various stages of their journey.
  • Proactively reduce customer churn by identifying common drop-off points.

Configure customer touchpoints and track their journeys in real time

Define stages and touchpoints to track and record paths various customers take based on live interactions via your CRM, native integrations, and third-party sources.

path finder-configuration-screen

Understand customer journeys with intuitive maps

Path maps enable you to dynamically identify all the paths your customers take and use advanced filters to sort them by demographics. Understand these journeys, determine the most productive paths, and orchestrate more relevant ones for your customers.


Analyze how customers move from one milestone to another using visual charts

Path Finder enables you to define a list of states or milestones in a customer's journey. Customers are in control of their own journey, and can visit these states in any order they prefer. Zoho CRM provides you with a useful Sankey report to assess the flow of users from one state to another visually. This is an intuitive way to understand patterns of movement between the states you've defined, as well as the number of users moving from one state to the next.


Leverage flow diagrams to identify customer roadblocks

Utilize the journey report in Path Finder to preview the entire customer journey and the paths customers take. Similar to the Sankey report, you can gauge the movement of users between states. Furthermore, by analyzing the overall number of users entering and exiting each state, you can infer where customers face roadblocks or drop off from their journeys with your brand.