Personalize every aspect of your customer's journey

Journey Builder is a visual drag-and-drop builder that allows you to define end-to-end customer journeys. Customize brand responses at each stage of a customer's journey and nurture meaningful relationships with them.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Define cross-channel customer journeys
  • Track customer journeys in real-time
  • Trigger messages and actions on any platform
  • Analyze journey performance and make improvements

Complex flows? Journey Builder has your back

Your journeys need to be flexible to account for multiple what-ifs and dynamic situations. You also need to be able to communicate and implement them in a standardized manner across your organization. Journey Builder's easy-to-use visual editor helps you do exactly this. Build complex journeys and iterate them based on different scenarios, user actions, or traits. Build in automated workflows to reduce manual intervention.

Branch customer journeys based on multiple conditions

Cross-functional collaboration, easier than ever

Most organizational processes are not contained completely within a single department or function. They usually require input from several teams. Without proper coordination, this can cause delays, redundant data entry, and more. Journey Builder helps you define how various functions collaborate in achieving a single goal. You can model all necessary dependencies and ensure journeys occur smoothly.

Coordinate various department activities within a single customer journey

Coordinate your journey with third-party app functions

It's not just employees that need to be able to interact with each other to get their work done. The variety of technologies at use in your company should be able to talk to each other when needed as well. Whether it's internal collaboration or external stakeholder communication, Journey Builder can easily connect with third-party applications as needed by the journey. Third-party app activity can trigger specific actions, or vice versa. Journey Builder thus serves as a central location to track customer journeys across various platforms.

 Integrate 3rd party app events into each journey

Build checks and balances into your workflows

All your journeys need to abide by a set of business rules. For instance, a specific set of documents need to be collected for a loan sanction journey, or only customers from a certain region are eligible for an offer. You can build these rules into Journey Builder and enforce them automatically. Where manual authorization is required, you can easily link your journey with the necessary approval flows in Zoho CRM. You can also set deadlines so things can move along within expected time frames. With all of these options, you can ensure the journeys your customers take occur within the framework you build for them.

Validate data and enforce business rules in customer journeys

Make journey improvements with performance analytics

Monitor the overall performance of your journeys with Journey Builder's built-in metrics. Track how long each of its individual stages take to help identify bottlenecks and loopholes, if any. Create multiple versions of each journey and compare their performance to identify the best one. You can also build custom reports to track specific parts of your journeys. With this data, you can improve your overall journey design, effectively saving on costs, time, and effort. Find the best possible way for your business to function like clockwork.

Monitor journey performance