Uncover customer insights with cohort analysis

Analyze the patterns and trends of your time-sensitive sales processes using metrics like deal conversion time and sales cycle analysis. Cohort analysis can be used to visualize your customer retention over the span of a year, deal conversion trends for a particular quarter, and time taken to close deals for a particular month. You can add more insight to these analysis by filtering each of them by sales rep, region, product, and more.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Analyze sales trends over time
  • Compare opportunities generated over time
  • Compare sales performance of your teams over a fixed time-period

Why do I need to use cohort analysis?

Let's say that you're offering a product trial for one month. Would measuring the number of signups be enough to accurately measure the success of your campaign in a way that you could improve upon it in the future?

With cohort analysis, you can analyze the trends of trial signups over time, how fast users make repeat purchases, and what value they present to your company by buying the product. This can help you figure out whether the campaign was successful enough to continue into the next year, and if you want to tweak it.

Group your data across different categories

Want to look at your long-term trends? Run cohort analysis on a quarterly basis, or even a yearly basis. Group the campaign data you ran in a specific country or a particular age group, and sort potentials by days, weeks, or months. This helps managers determine whether a campaign was effective in achieving the intended results in the long term, as well as in the short term.

Cohort analysis of leads based on source and the revenue they generate

Compare with different dimensions

Add additional dimensions to your cohort data for deeper analysis. If you're analyzing a monthly leads report, you can compare the average number of leads generated in a particular time frame in a separate column, along with the breakdown of leads generated each week.

Cohort analysis of revenue generated across consecutive months

What can you do with cohort analysis?

  • Analyze customer retention
  • Follow deals from creation to closing
  • Measure the performance of your team
  • Determine customer spending based on referral source
  • Map out the success of your marketing campaigns